March 20, 2018, Vol. 24, No. 14

Hunting Season Memories

There were three of us Tech engineering students that hunted ducks frequently in Chassel Bay.  One early morning in the darkness we loaded up the decoys and the guns and jumped into the boat for a choppy ride out into the Bay.  The waves were high and the boat was somewhat overloaded making me concerned we would take on water in the boat. We were heavily clothed and wearing rubberized chest waders.  As we rounded the corner of the cattail marsh sticking way out into the bay and looked ahead for our duck blind, there ahead was a 1,000 ft. ore boat.  It was anchored and all lit up along its full length, seeking shelter in the channel, while waiting out a storm on Lake Superior.  Even in the stormy weather, which is good for duck hunting, it was an unusual but pretty duck hunting scene. The ducks paid no attention to the ship and flew their regular route over our decoys.  I don’t remember how many we bagged.

Ken Sikora
Dec. 1970, ME

Thanks, Ken. I was just remembering the other day what a friend of mine told me. A number of years ago, coming around the bend to Bete Grise from the south, he was startled to see one of those 1000-footers right there in the bay. I’ve only seen ‘em gliding by on the horizon (and at the Soo). Must have been quite the backdrop for your morning! –Kevin