Visual and Performing Arts

Studio Work: In Class and Out

We use our ceramics classroom, drawing studio, and student gallery as in-building studios. Students also have access to the Visual and Performing Arts Scene Shop, where larger projects are built. We frequently host "pop-up" exhibits on and off campus. Classes such as Art and Nature and our summer sculpture course take works of art outside.

Student Projects

Two art students standing installing a piece of art on a wall.
Birds flying through an open window with doors, a mountain range in the background with grass and a river in the foreground. Text that reads "Let them fly in clear skies, not clear windows"
Student carving into pieces of round, flat pottery pieces.
Abstract piece of student art, gradient color from top to bottom a at angles that point to a v-shape.
Student work of art, for blocks of color on a rectangle, different color backgrounds and one different colored apple on each block with a shadow left to right.
Pebbles on a sandy beach in a semi-circle, lighter pebbles on the left, darker on the right, with a clear vertical division line. The pebbles are concentrated at the top of the semi-circle and trickle down to less concentrated stones.
Pieces of colored glass with plaster in between.
Student with a painted box on the head that has been fashioned into a viewer with a handle.