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Proposal 6-17

The University Senate of Michigan Technological University

Proposal 6-17 
(Voting Units: Academic)

Proposal to Shelve the Interdisciplinary Minor in Remote Sensing

PDF version of Proposal 6-17

It is proposed to shelve the Interdisciplinary Minor in Remote Sensing.

Final term for admitting new students to the minor:  Spring 2017

Plan to complete all enrolled or returning students:  The courses in the minor are still offered. Students will be able to complete the requirements as listed in the latest Remote Sensing Minor Degree Audit, and receive the minor.

Reason for shelving: Less than one student per year has received the minor over the past five years. Given the low level of demand, the administrative effort to sustain the minor is not warranted.  There are other options and venues for students wishing to gain experience in remote sensing. For example, there are two concentrations (with corresponding course offerings) in Surveying as well as exposure to Geographic Information Systems through Forest Resources.

Financial Impact to the University: None.

For more information, contact Will Cantrell, Director of the Earth Planetary and Space Sciences Institute (EPSSI). 

Introduced to Senate:  16 November 2016
Approved by Senate:  07 December 2016
Approved by Administration:  30 January 2017