University Senate

Senate Standing Committees

Notes: Bold print indicates Chair

The Senate Executive Committee consists of the Senate Officers and Committee Chairs

Academic and Instructional Policy Committee

  • Christopher Middlebrook (S) 
  • Carlos Amador (S) 
  • Anne Beffel (S)
  • Laura Brown (A)
  • Megan Frost (A)
  • Jason Gregersen (S)
  • Radheshyam Tewari (S)
  • Jeffery Toorongian (S)
  • Representative from the Registrar's Office (Ex-Officio)

Administrative Policy Committee

  • Chuck Wallace (S)
  • Dave Chard (A)
  • Stefka Hristova (A)

Curricular Policy Committee

  • Kedmon Hungwe (S)
  • Ruth Archer (A)
  • Mark Holmstrom (S)
  • Sunil Mehendale (A)
  • Brett Hamlin (A)
  • Rupak Rajachar (S)
  • Jenn Sams (A)
  • Lisa Gordillo (A)
  • Respresentative from the Registrar's Office (Ex-Officio)

Elections Committee

  • Michael Mullins (S)
  • Adam Wellstead (A)

Finance and Institutional Planning Committee

  • Nancy Barr (A)
  • Karen Siekas (S)
  • Robert Hutchinson (S)
  • Brent Burns (A)
  • Zhanping You (A)
  • Stephen Patchin (S)
  • James Schmierer (S)

Fringe Benefits Committee

  • Jacob Guter (S) 
  • Samuel Sweitz (S) 
  • Jessica Brassard (S)
  • James Wood (S)
  • Glenn Larkin (S)
  • Paul Bergstrom (A)

Information Technology Committee

  • Andrew Galerneau (A)
  • Mohsen Azizi (S)
  • Yu Cai (S)
  • Tomas Co (A)
  • Tejin Yoon (A)
  • Ossama Abdelkhalik (A)

Professional Staff Policy Committee

  • Sharon Attaway (A)
  • Joan Hoffman (A)
  • Brian Cadwell (A)
  • Bryant Weathers (A)
  • Philip Kendall (A)
  • Jennifer Eikenberry (A)
  • Rachel Jones (S)

Research Policy Committee

  • W. Charles Kerfoot (S) 
  • Larry Sutter (S)
  • Michael Christianson (S)
  • Matt Freitag (S)
  • Christopher Gilbertson (A)
  • William Cooke (S)
  • Shane Mueller (A)
  • Claudio Mazzoleni (S)
  • Petra Huentemeyer (A)
  • Nora Allred (S)
  • Michael Gretz (A)