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Proposal 4-16

The University Senate of Michigan Technological University

Proposal 4-16
(Voting Units: Full Senate)

“Amending the Senate's Bylaws to Improve Units Participation”

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I.  Introduction 

Article III.A of the Senate’s Constitution defines the primary function of the Senate as follows: 

The Senate is the representative body for its constituents and speaks on their behalf on matters under the Senate’s jurisdiction. The Senate shall establish, review, and recommend policy and procedures on matters under its jurisdiction. The Senate also is the principal forum for discussion of any matters of interest to the university community.” 

The Senate cannot serve this function effectively without the active participation of all of its constituent units. Unfortunately, each year, some units fail to elect Senators, Senate Alternates, or both. This proposal is meant to address this issue, by changing the Senate Bylaws to encourage participation by all constituent units.

II. Proposal  

Article I.J (Proposals) of the Senate Bylaws will be modified to insert the following section after section 3: 

“4. The Senate shall not entertain a proposal that originates from a unit or primarily concerns the operation of a unit if that unit has not elected a Senator or Senate Alternate in that Senate term."

The sections following this new section will be renumbered accordingly.

III Recommendations

1. It is recommended that the Senate President promptly communicate this change in the Bylaws to the full Senate constituency.

2. It is also recommended that the Senate Elections Committee remind the units of this change during the annual election of Senators and Senate Alternates. 

Introduced to Senate:  21 October 2015
Proposal Withdrawn by Committee:  04 November 2015