Meeting 590 Agenda

The University Senate of Michigan Technological University

PDF version of Agenda 590

TO: Senators, Alternates, and Liaisons
FROM: Martin Thompson, Senate President
DATE: February 24, 2017
SUBJECT: Revised Agenda for University Senate Meeting #590
COPIES: President, Provost, Board of Trustees Secretary, Vice Presidents, Library, Staff Council Chair, Tech Today, Michigan Tech Lode, Michigan Tech Daily Bull

Meeting #590 of the University Senate of Michigan Technological University will convene at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday March 1, 2017 in Room 642 in the DOW Building.

Senators are responsible for making their constituents aware of the agenda for this meeting.

Senators who are unable to attend should arrange for their alternates to attend in their place.

Agenda Time
1.  Call to Order  
2.  Roll Call of Senators and Recognition of Visitors 5
3.  Approval of Agenda 2

4.  Approval of Minutes from Meeting 589

5.  Presentation:  20
a.  "Results from the President's Evaluation" presented by Shane Mueller, Administrative Policy Committee  
b. "Comments from the President"  presented by University President Glenn Mroz  
6.  President's Report
7.  Committee Reports 10
8.  Unfinished Business: 10

a. Proposal 5-17:  Proposed Amendment to Senate Procedures 502.1.1, "Review and Reappointment of Deans of Colleges"  approved by Administration pending acceptance of edits


b. Proposal 12-17: Undergraduate Minor Program Proposal Bioethics Minor presented by Curricular Policy Committee  (Voting Units:  Academic)


c. Proposal 13-17: "Doctor of Philosophy Program in Integrative Physiology" presented by Curricular Policy Committee  (Voting Units: Academic)

9.  New Business: 10

a. Proposal 11-17: "Proposal for a Minor in Naval Systems Engineering" presented by Curricular Policy Committee  (Voting Units: Academic)


b. Proposal 15-17: "Amending Senate Procedure 803.1.1 Search Procedures for Dean of the Graduate School" presented by Administrative Policy Committee  (Voting Units: Full Senate)


c. Proposal 16-17: "Amending Senate Procedure 801.1.1 Search Procedure for University Administrators" presented by Administrative Policy Committee  (Voting Units: Full Senate)


d. Proposal 18-17: "Online Course Examination Policies and Procedures" presented by Academic and Instructional Policy Committee  (Voting Units: Full Senate)


e. Proposal 19-17: "Revisions to the Senate Constitution"  presented by the Ad Hoc Committee Examining the Senate Constitution (Voting Units:  Full Senate)


10.  Public Comments

11.  Adjournment