Meeting 582 Minutes

The University Senate
of Michigan Technological University

Corrected Minutes of Meeting 582
05 October 2016

PDF version of Minutes 582


Senate minutes are time-indexed [in square brackets] to the relevant segments of the streaming video of the meeting.


  • Mike Meyers presented on “Observations of a Changing Educational Environment: Opportunities for Senate Leadership”
  • President’s Report mentioned the presentation schedule for Senate meetings.
  • Committee reports by the Fringe Benefits and Elections Committees were heard.

1.  Call to Order.

President Marty Thompson called the University Senate Meeting 582 to order at 5:30 PM on Wednesday October 5, 2016.

2.  Roll Call of Senators and Recognition of Visitors [0:00-2:48]

The Senate Secretary Brian Barkdoll called roll. Absent were senators King, Wallace, Hamlin, Chen, Sutter, Tewari, Nemiroff, Hong, Froese, Azizi, Velat, Guter, Will, Kallio, Patchin, Wheaton, Storer, and Thompson (Matthew), with no representatives from Army/Air Force ROTC, Engineering Fundamentals, Kinesiology & Integrative Phy., ME-EM, Physics, School of Business, School of Technology, Academic Services B, Administration, Auxiliaries, Student Affairs & Advancement A, Technology, Graduate Faculty Council, Staff Council, or Undergraduate Student Government.. Visitors were: Theresa Coleman-Kaiser (Administration), Jackie Huntoon (Provost), David Chard (Information Technology), Ginger Sleeman (Human Resources), Michael Meyer (Center for Teaching and Learning), Josh Marshall, and Garfield Warren (Housing and Residential Life).

 3.  Approval of Agenda [2:48-3:13]

No discussion. Agenda passed on a voice vote.

 4.  Approval of Minutes from Meetings 581 [3:33-3:40]

No discussion. The minutes from meeting 581 passed on voice votes.

 5.  Presentations [3:40-37:18] Observations of a Changing Educational Environment: Opportunities for Senate Leadership” presented by Mike Meyer, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Meyer addressed CTL goals, testing systems, on-line education, personalized learning, mastery learning, cheating, multiple versions, computer based online learning standards, training needed and being developed, especially testing, textbooks, universal design, and technology. Main points were that on-online courses need to be compliant with existing standards and that mastery learning may be emphasized in the future.

 6.  President's Report [37:18-38:20]

President Thompson presented the upcoming schedule of outside speakers at future Senate meetings.  He also alluded to the recommendation that no presentations be given in the last two Senate meetings.

 7.  Committee Reports [38:20-41:12]

Fringe Benefits Committee Chair Sweitz got Senate approval to conduct a survey on benefits among the university employees. Motion by Wood.

Elections Committee Chair Clancey asked for more nominations for open positions and mentioned that the Sabbatical Leave Committee needs 3 nominees.

 8.  Unfinished Business [41:12-1:08:19]

a.  Proposal 11-16: Amending Senate Procedure 503.1.1, Evaluation Procedure for the President presented by Administrative Policy Committee (Voting Units: Full Senate)

Academic Policy Committee Chair Nooshabadi gave slides, and mentioned concerns about a particular clause, made a motion to accept editorial changes in Proposal 11-16 under Unfinished Business but not accept the substantive changes. Passed with abstentions. DeWinter moved to strike disputed language regarding union staff making decisions that states "Senate recognizes that represented staff are not part of the Senate constituency (which comprises faculty and professional staff) so the inclusion of represented staff in the evaluation of the President will be subject to the approval and agreement of their representatives."  Passed with abstentions.

 9.  New Business [1:08:19-1:25:28]

a.  Proposal 1-17: "Proposed Revisions to Senate Confidentiality and Anonymity in Department Chairs/School Deans Review Surveys and Balloting"  presented by Administrative Policy Committee Chair Nooshabadi

b.  Proposal 2-17: "Proposed Revisions to Senate Procedures 506.1.1, "Evaluation Procedures for Department Chairs and School Deans"  presented by Administrative Policy Committee Chair Nooshabadi

10.  Public Comments [1:25:28-1:25:40]


 11.  Adjournment [1:25:40-1:25:48]

President Thompson adjourned the meeting at 6:56 PM.


Respectfully submitted by
Brian Barkdoll
Secretary of the University Senate