University Senate

Meeting 558 Agenda

The University Senate of Michigan Technological University

PDF version of Agenda 558

TO: Senators, Alternates, and Liaisons
FROM: Craig Waddell, Senate President
DATE: Feb. 2, 2015
SUBJECT: Agenda for University Senate Meeting #558
COPIES: President, Provost, Board of Control, Vice Presidents, Library Reserve, Staff Council Chair, Tech Today, MTU Lode, MTU Daily Bull

Meeting #558 of the University Senate of Michigan Technological University will convene at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday February 4, 2015 in Room 642 in the DOW Building.

Senators are responsible for making their constituents aware of the agenda for this meeting.

Senators who are unable to attend should arrange for their alternates to attend in their place.

1.  Call to Order  
2.  Roll Call and Recognition of Visitors 5
3.  Approval of Agenda 2

4.  Approval of Minutes from Meetings 557

5.  President's Report 10
6.  Committee Reports 10
7.  Unfinished Business 20

a. Proposal 21-15: "Deadlines for Dissertation, Thesis, and Report Submission"


b. Proposal 22-15: "Proposal to  Shelve Degree Program: Information Systems Concentration (SCS3)"

8.  New Business 20

a. Proposal 4-15: "Access to Student Records, Learning Management Systems and Permanent Record Systems"


b. Proposal 23-15: "Proposal to Shelve Degree Program: Computer Systems Science (SCSY)"


c. Proposal 24-15: "Amendment to Senate Policy 411.1: Graduate Certificates"


d. Proposal 25-15: "Proposal to Equalize the Tuition Waiver Benefit for all Full-time Employees"


e. Proposal 26-15: "New Concentration in Computer Systems within the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science"


f. Proposal 27-15: "Fixed vs. Variable Compensation for Senate Officers and Senate President as Financial Manager of the Senate's Budget"

9.  Public Comments 15
10.  Adjournment