Meeting 551 Agenda


TO: Senators, Alternates, and Liaisons
FROM: Craig Waddell, Senate President
DATE: Sept. 22, 2014
SUBJECT: Agenda for University Senate Meeting #551
COPIES: President, Provost, Board of Control, Vice Presidents, Library Reserve, Staff Council Chair, Tech Today, MTU Lode, MTU Daily Bull

Meeting #551 of the University Senate of Michigan Technological University will convene at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday September 24, 2014 in Room 642 in the DOW Building.

Senators are responsible for making their constituents aware of this meeting’s agenda.

If neither the Senator nor the Alternate can attend, they should arrange for another Senate constituent from their unit to represent their unit.

1.  Call to Order  
2.  Roll Call of Senators and Recognition of Visitors 10
3.  Approval of Agenda 2
4.  Approval of Minutes from Meetings 550 2
5.  President's Report 5
6.  Unfinished Business 30
a.  Proposal 2-14 "Proposal to Modify Senate Procedure 506.1.1: Evaluation Procedures for Department Chairs and School Deans" (approved by the administration subject to proposed amendments)    
b.  Proposal 13-14 "Improving Communication with the Board of Control" (Point of Information for Senate)  
c.  Proposal 23-14 "Proposal to Establish Michigan Technological University Copyright Policy Regarding Scholarly, Academic, and Artistic Works" (approved by the administration subject to Board of Control consideration and proposed amendments)  
d.  Proposal 32-14 "Notification Time for Changes in Fringe Benefits and Questions for Healthcare Insurance Consultants" (approved by the administration subject to proposed amendments)  
e.  Proposal 2-15 "Amending the Senate's Constitution"  
f. Proposal 3-15 "Creating a Visiting Professor of Practice Position"  
g. Proposal 4-15 "Ensuring Confidentiality of Learning Management System (LMS) Content and Student Records"  (pulled from agenda and sent back to committee)  
h. Proposal 5-15 "Annual Evaluation Procedure for Department Chairs and Academic Deans"  (pulled from agenda and sent back to committee)  
7.  New Business 10
a.  Proposal 6-15 "Compensation for Senate Officers and Release Time for Chairs of Senate Standing Committees"  
b.  Proposal 7-15 "Shelving the Master of Engineering Degree in Civil Engineering (EGR3)"  
c.  Proposal 8-15 "Shelving the Master of Engineering Degree in Environmental Engineering (EGR4)"  
8.  Committee Reports 10
9.  Public Comments  15
10.  Adjournment