University Senate

Meeting 548 Minutes

The University Senate
of Michigan Technological University

Minutes of Meeting 548
23 April 2014

The Senate

  • Meeting Dates for Senate for the 2014-2015 academic year
  • Election of Senate Officers

1. Call to order and roll call. President Brian Barkdoll called the University Senate Meeting 548 to order at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 23, 2014. The Senate Secretary Marty Thompson called roll of continuing and newly elected Senators. Absent were Senators DeWinter and Cadwell and representatives of Army/Air Force ROTC, Materials Science & Engineering, Academic Services A, Academic Services C, Advancement, Enrollment, Finance and Graduate Faculty Council.

2. Recognition of visitors. Guests included Max Seel (Provost’s Office), Glenn Mroz (President’s Office), Bonnie Gorman (Dean of Students), Paul Tomasi (Counsel), Laura Bullett (Dean of Students Office), Dan Furman (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Jackie Huntoon (Graduate School), Jim Frendeway (School of Technology), Ruth Davidson (TIAA-CREF), Marvin Turner (TIAA-CREF) and Renee Hiller (Human Resources).

3. Agenda. Snyder moved for approval of the agenda; Beck seconded. It passed unanimously on a voice vote.

4. Setting of meeting dates for the 2014-2015 academic year.  The dates below satisfy (Article IX-Meetings) of the University Senate Constitution which requires that at least one meeting date be established in each semester of the academic year in the spring term of the preceding academic year. Proposed dates are September 10, 2014 and January 21, 2015.

5. Election of Senate Officers for 2014-2015.
a. For the office of Senate President:
Barkdoll presented the accomplishments of the senate for his term as senate president and his plans for next year.

Waddell presented examples of his past service to MTU and his plans if elected senate president for next year. Waddell won with a majority vote.

b. For the office of Senate Vice-President:
Cooper, Housing, introduced herself and gave a background of her experiences that led her to accept the nomination for Senate Vice-President. Cooper won with a majority vote. 

c. For the office of Senate Secretary:
Thompson concisely spoke of his role as senate secretary for the past year and asked for continuing support for his work with the incoming senate. Thompson won with a majority vote.

6. Adjournment.  
President Barkdoll adjourned the meeting at 6:22 p.m.


Respectfully submitted
by Marty Thompson
Secretary of the University Senate