Alex B. Kostinski

Alex B. Kostinski


  • Professor, Physics
  • PhD, Physics, University of Illinois-Chicago

Research Description

Dr. Kostinski's recent research has been in cloud, aerosol, and precipitation physics; radar meteorology; astrophysics; wave propagation in random media; turbulent fluids; adaptive optics; and polarization optics. This research is largely supported by the National Science Foundation.

Atmospheric Ice reflects super bright glint toward NASA telescope


  • Atmospheric Physics

Former PhD Students

Amalia Anderson 2010 climatological time series analysis
M. L. Larsen 2006 fluctuation phenomena in atmospheric physics
Weidong Yang 2004 astronomical optics, holography
Alan Koivunen 1999 radar signal processing
John Kwiatkowski 1995 radar meteorology
Larry Coke 1994 fluid dynamics