Getting Started


Can I take online courses at my own pace?

Mostly No. The schedule depends on the individual course. Some courses may be live streaming, but many of the online courses available through Michigan Technological University are asynchronous, meaning that materials can be accessed at any time after being posted. While in most cases you do not have to be online at certain times, assignments and graded work typically have firm deadlines throughout the semester set by the instructor, making these courses different than a "self-paced" course. Please contact your instructor for specifics on course pacing.


What are the technology requirements for an online course?

Students must have access to a computer with reliable high-speed internet. Dial-up internet should not be used for online courses. See technical requirements for additional recommendations.


How does an online degree program work?

Online learning allows you to study whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you. This format provides a great deal of flexibility to people with complicated schedules and demanding careers.

Getting your degree online involves interaction with instructors and classmates online, rather than attending class on-campus. Courses are delivered entirely online via the Internet; you will complete all your work using a computer. Some graduate degree programs do have a residency requirement.


Will I have to attend classes at a campus?

No. Our online courses  are offered and are accessible completely online, giving you the convenience and flexibility to earn your degree wherever you have high-speed Internet access.  However, some graduate degree programs do have a residency requirement.


Where do I start?

Check out the list of online courses and/or online programs to see what you would be interested in, and then fill out a free online application.  Be sure to indicate you plan to be an online only student during the application process.


When do courses start?

Most Michigan Tech Online courses follow the regular Michigan Tech semester schedule. See our Academic Calendar for more dates.


Do I have to live in Michigan to take online courses?

You do not have to be an Michigan resident to take online courses. There may be restrictions depending on your state of residence however; please see our authorization information. Undergraduate non-resident students pay the out-of-state tuition rate. Graduate students have a single tuition rate regardless of residence.

Class / Course Information


Do I have to come to campus for my exams?

No, you are not required to come to campus. Online learning students are required to find their own proctors for exams.


What will my classes be like?

Michigan Tech Online courses are offered online with content delivered via videostreaming, videoconferencing, Canvas Learning Management System and other interactive technologies.


Who teaches the classes?

Classes are taught by Michigan Tech faculty members who have advanced degrees and bring situation-specific relevance to every course to ensure that you are prepared for real-life challenges after you graduate.


How do I logon to Canvas to access my course online?

You can log into Canvas using any browser. Go to the Canvas login. You will need your user name and your ISO password. See our getting online page for more information.


What does asynchronous and synchronous mean?

"Asynchronous" classes don't have set meeting times. Class materials can be worked on with some flexibility, though not necessarily at your own pace.

"Synchronous "classes are ones that have set meeting times (even if the meetings occur via live videoconferencing or real-time chat). Synchronous classes have schedules that are determined well before the class begins (every Thursday at 7 pm, for instance).

For both asynchronous and synchronous classes, refer to course sites in the Canvas Learning Management System to view course materials.


What if I need technical assistance with my online course?

Michigan Tech has a help desk to provide information and technical support. You may also contact your instructor or program advisor by email at any time.

Tuition and Transcripts


 When are bills due?

Tuition is billed each semester based on the current year's tuition (tuition for prospective online students and current students). View the billing schedule online.


 How do classes transfer to another institution?

Transfer of credit is always up to the receiving institution. Check with the school you would be transferring credit to for details.


Are the college credits earned in Michigan Tech Online degree programs equivalent to those earned at a traditional university?

Yes. Transcripts do not reflect the delivery method of a course, only the credit hours earned. The objectives and outcomes of online courses are identical to those of an on-site class.