Trail Map

Want a more exciting view of our trails?  Take a Virtual Tour with Trail Genius now!  Mont Ripley is the first ski area in the country to offer this exciting new peek at our runs.


Hovering over a trail name will show a description of the trail.  Click on the map for a larger, printer friendly view.

Highway M-26Highway M-26The Ripley TriangleTrestleCenter BowlHusky BowlRacer's RidgeBig Air Terrain ParkFred's LandingBuddha BowlDanny BoyThe ChuteCannonballHusky Chair LiftThe Sweet SpotBypassThe ChaletRhythm Terrain ParkCertifiedThat RoadToot's TumbleT-Bar LiftWipeoutBonzaiCopper Chute GladeThe PlungeMonster RidgeCopper Hoist Chair LiftLookoutPowderstash GladesPowderstashDeer Track TrailNoah's Jump