Mont Ripley Ski Area

Terrain Park Features

Rhythm Terrain Park

Next to Toot's Tumble.

The Sweet Spot

At the end of Fred's Landing.

Showtime - Big Air Terrain Park

At the end of Danny Boy.

Noah's Jump

At the end of the Plunge.

Our Terrain Parks offer over 33 features including several jumps, which change throughout the season, and the features below:  

  • 25', 35' and 45' Wedge Jumps
  • Kiddie Jumps
  • 40' Donkey Kong Rail
  • Shotgun Rail
  • Cannon Rail
  • Dance Floors
  • Wall Ride
  • Mailbox
  • Up Box
  • Down Box
  • Up Down Box
  • Up Down Rail
  • Flat Down Flat Rail
  • Down Flat Down Box
  • Flat Box
  • Street Style Hand Rail
  • Shark Fin
  • Pole Jam
  • C Box
  • C Rail
  • Whale's Tail - Roller Coaster Box