Building Policies

General Information

  1. The Memorial Union is not responsible for any article lost in the building. The Lost and Found is located in the Memorial Union Office.
  2. The sale of goods and services by student organizations in the Memorial Union must follow University Fundraising Guidelines.
  3. Non-university groups' violations and complaints concerning the House Rules can be forwarded to the Memorial Union Board.
  4. A profit-making commercial concession shall not be granted to a non-university organization.  Exceptions can be made with the approval of the Memorial Union Management and the Memorial Union Board.
  5. Student organizations may apply for commercial concession through the Memorial Union Office. A representative from the student organization must be present at the concession site at all times. No food concessions will be permitted in the Memorial Union without management’s express approval and will be subject to all applicable food and tax codes.
  6. Student solicitations will be permitted in the Memorial Union at the two promotions tables in the Keweenaw Commons. These tables must be reserved in advance, and reservations may be made at online.  This table will not be clothed or skirted, unless specifically requested.  There are designated locations for Promotions Table #1 and Promotions Table #2 that are based on space and fire code restrictions, and tables are not to be moved from their designated spots.
  7. Pictures, furniture, trophies, works of art, or any other articles of equipment may not be taken from one part of the building to another without consent from the Memorial Union Management.
  8. Permission to use the Memorial Union is given to non-university related persons at the discretion of the Memorial Union Management in accordance with the policies given in these house rules, and is usually accompanied by a rental fee.
  9. The Memorial Union Management has the right to expel any person from the building at any time for reasons that warrant such action decided by the manager present at that time.
  10. Any violation of the Student Rights and Responsibilities document will be handled by the proper authorities.

Room Reservation Information and Policies

Room Reservation Policies

  1. The space reservation policy, based on Board of Trustees Policy adopted 7/17/01, for the Memorial Union establishes an open reservation period beginning the 14th week of the Spring Semester.  Based on the change in the academic calendar implemented in 2004, this period has been moved to the 13th week of the Spring Semester in order to serve the same functional purpose as the original Board of Trustees policy intended.  During this open reservation period, all groups (registered student groups, campus groups or departments and community programs and groups) will be able to reserve space in the Memorial Union for the upcoming May 1st through May 31st of the following year. These reservations are processed on a first come first served basis and are binding; thus leveling the reservation playing field.
  2. Registered student groups will not be charged for fundraising events that occur in the Memorial Union. However, non-student groups may be charged for fundraising events.  Fundraising events that involved the sale of food must be approved by Dining Services in advance.
  3. Priority for use of the facilities and services of the Memorial Union will be given to groups in this order:
    1. Student groups registered with the Student Affairs Office
    2. University Departments
    3. Community Groups
  4. Consideration will be given in the order in which the requests are made, the size of the activity, the facilities and services available, and the revenue potential to support Memorial Union operations.
  5. In order to maximize use of limited space, groups reserving any room may be asked to relocate. Notification of relocation will be given as soon as possible. A group's reservation will not be moved or changed in any way, for any reason, without the party's permission.
  6. Groups will receive a written confirmation of their reservation.

Use of Rooms

  1. Groups, student organizations or individuals booking rooms shall be responsible for any damage to equipment or facilities.
  2. Any food or beverage consumed in the Memorial Union in conjunction with an activity must be purchased from Dining Services and served by its staff. Permission to do otherwise may be given by the Memorial Union Management prior to the event if certain extraordinary circumstances warrant it, and all applicable health and tax codes are considered.

Room Requests and Cancellation Fees

  1. Requests for meeting rooms and permission for all social events must be submitted online at least 72 hours before the event.  For meeting room reservation requests placed less than 72 hours before the event date or for events that require extensive set-up, please call 906-487-2543.  Short notice requests cannot be placed online.
  2. In accordance with the Michigan Tech Food Policy, Dining Services is the exclusive on-campus food/beverage provider.  Please be sure that any food or beverage served in the Memorial Union are ordered through Dining Services.
  3. Meeting room reservations must be cancelled by 5:00 pm the previous business day in order to avoid a $25 cancellation fee.
  4. There is a $50 fee for all reservation no shows.  If no one has arrived within 20 minutes of the scheduled start time of a reservation, the reservation is considered canceled and a no show fee will be charged.  At this time the room will be reset for the next scheduled reservation.
  5. Overnight guest rooms are available to be booked by students, University departments, and the public.  Room reservations are made in the Memorial Union Office or by calling 906-487-2543.


  1. Decorating plans, including attachment methods and all use of candles and open flames, must be approved by the Memorial Union staff in advance of the event.  All decorations must meet fire safety codes. Smoke and fog machines may be used with the approval of Memorial Union staff.
  2. Organizations must furnish their own decorating material and remove the decorations after the event. Any damage caused by the attachment or use of decorations will be billed based on time and materials required for repair.  Painter’s tape, gaffing tape, and string are the preferred methods for hanging decorations.  Push pins, packing tape, duct tape and any other material that may damage the surface where the decorations are being hung are prohibited.  Glitter is also prohibited, but confetti larger than 3/8” may be used.
  3. The Memorial Union does not take responsibility for any decorations broken or left on premise after an event.

Building Decorum

  1. Proper respect for the use and care of furniture shall be maintained at all times.
  2. Smoking is prohibited throughout the building, including the overnight guest rooms.
  3. Animals are not permitted in the building at any time, with the exception of service animals.
  4. Destruction, defacing, and unauthorized removal of Memorial Union property is prohibited and is a violation of the Student Rights and Responsibilities document.
  5. In the event that irresponsible behavior arises at a function, the offending parties may be asked to leave.

Holiday Reservations and Special Setups

For holidays and periods of time when the Building is typically closed or where special setups are required, additional fees may be charged.

Set-up and Clean-up Information

  1. The building staff will provide all furniture set-ups in each room following the specifications requested by the customer.  Refer to the Decorations section for additional decor allowed.
  2. Due to the variety of set-up options offered, set-up and clean-up times vary which could affect the availability of a space for other events.  Requests for a space cannot be made during scheduled set-up and clean-up times of other events.

Alcohol Policy

  1. The Memorial Union, Wadsworth Hall, the Rozsa Center, and the Portage Lake Golf Course Par & Grill have Michigan liquor licenses, which authorize the purchase and dispensing of alcoholic beverages on those premises.  Alcohol service is limited to events taking place in these locations and a minimum amount of food mmust be available at all events with alcohol service.  All rules and regulations set forth by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission must be strictly adhered to.  
  2. No one under the age of 21 shall consume alcohol on our premises, and we require the cooperation and participation of all sponsors of alcohol events to help enforce the legal drinking age.  An alcoholic beverage service registration form and waiver must be signed by a host before the beverage service is provided.  
  3. Consult our staff for other requirements and explanations of liquor laws that are applicable in the state of Michigan.

Smoking Policy

All Michigan Tech buildings are smoke-free.  As of September 3, 2013 the entire campus is smoke-free.  No smoking is permitted anywhere on campus.

Publicity Information

  1. All public bulletin boards and pillars in the Memorial Union have been designated for postings by members of the University and the local community; i.e., apartment for rent, stereo for sale, events and help wanted notices. There is also a ride board on the first floor of the Memorial Union near the Student Organization Office for public use.
  2. All materials to be posted must be submitted to the Memorial Union Office for approval and posting. All promotional materials must clearly identify the date of the activity and the sponsor of the activity; i.e., Varsity Club Social or Event sponsored by Educational Opportunity.  Promotional material posted in the Memorial Union will be placed in designated areas (bulletin boards and pillars) by Memorial Union staff on a regular basis, Monday through Friday.
  3. Materials posted in the Memorial Union are limited to:
    1. A maximum of 3 postings, depending on the available space.
    2. Postings may not exceed the size of an 11” x 17" flyer.
    3. No more than one posting shall be posted on any one bulletin board or pillar for any event, notice, or announcement. (Duplicates will not be posted while identical copies that had been submitted within the designated week period are still up.)
  4. Promotional materials can be posted up to two weeks prior to the event and will be removed after the event has ended.
  5. Only posters/announcements that are approved and date-stamped by Memorial Union Staff will remain posted. All other posters/announcements will be removed by Memorial Union staff.
  6. Display case space in the ground floor south entrance is available to student groups and University departments.  Space is allocated in semester increments, and reserved in the Memorial Union Office on a first-come first-served basis.  After contacting the reserving party, any materials left in the case after the end of the reservation period will be removed and discarded by Memorial Union staff.
  7. Table tents are permitted in the Keweenaw Commons following the approval by Memorial Union staff. Table tents are intended to be announcements for current events. They may be placed in the Keweenaw Commons for a one week period.  Paper must be colorfast. Table tents must be folded so that they stand in an open-book fashion.
  8. No one is permitted to post materials on the exterior of the Memorial Union or on the entrance doors or structures without approval of the Memorial Union staff.

Other Information and Policies

Student Office Space

  1. Office space will be reserved for student organizations in room 106 of the Memorial Union.
  2. Space shall be allocated on a yearly basis by the Memorial Union Board.
  3. The Student Organization Office will be monitored and maintained by the Memorial Union Board.
  4. Student organizations that are allocated office space must comply with the Policies & Regulations set forth by the Memorial Union Board.
  5. Common space and resources located within the Student Organization Office may be utilized by any registered student organization.

About Our Policies

  1. These rules are in accordance with Michigan Tech specifications and are the policies for all activities that take place within the Memorial Union. All other rules, by-laws, and laws set down by Michigan Tech, the City of Houghton, and the State of Michigan also apply.
  2. All policies defined in the House Rules are formulated by the Memorial Union Board and by Memorial Union Management are subject to ratification by the Memorial Union Board.
  3. Student suggestions can be submitted electronically to or in writing to any person on the Memorial Union Board or in the Memorial Union Office.
  4. An appeal for a waiver or change in any of the above rules may be made to the Memorial Union Board at any time.