Mark R Vaughn

Mark Vaughn Faculty Photo


  • Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics
  • PhD, mechanical engineering, University of Texas at Austin
  • MS, biomedical engineering, University of Texas at Austin

Recent Publications

  • Vaugh, Mark R., and Grubelich, Mark C., 2008, “Strategically Hardened Facility Defeat Program Energy System—Phase 1 Final Report,” SANS2008-7418.
  • Wernimont, Eric J., Ventura, Mark, Grubelich, Mark C., Vaughn, Mark R., Escapule, William E., 2008, “Low Temperature Start & Operation Capability of 82% Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Generators,” Proc. Space Propulstion 2008, Heraklion, Crete Greece.
  • Vaughn, Mark R., Carlton, Robert J., Hobart, Clinton G., Harrington, John J., Klarer, Paul R., 2008, “Unmanned Aircraft Systems Payload Development Feasibility Study,” SAND2008-0025.
  • Kniskern, Marc W., Greene, Ron, Wolfe, Walt, Montavon, Mark, Phelan, John, Vaughn, Mark, 2006, “Boosted Penetrator Design Study,” SAND2006-7205.
  • Klarer, Paul R., Vaughn, Mark R., Nicolaysen, Scott D., 2006, “Crater Sample Acquisitions by Ballistic Sample Return Device,” SAND2006-3521P.
  • Felton, Robert, Miller, A. Keith, and Vaughn, Mark R., 2005, “Field Application of the Numobag TM as a Portable Disposable isolation Unit and for Treating Chemical, Radiological or Biologically Induced Wounds,” DHS Conference, also SAND2005-0893.
  • Vaughn, Mark R., Byrne, Raymond H., Rainwater Sturgis, Beverly, Jones, Lawrence A., Klarer, Paul R., 2004, “Moving Mass Control System Feasibility Study,” SANS2004-2921.