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Aneet Narendranath is a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics at Michigan Technological University. He received his Master's degree and PhD in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics at Michigan Technological University in 2009 and 2013 respectively. His doctoral dissertation was titled "Influence of Mechanical and Thermal Boundary Conditions on Stabilizing/Destabilizing Mechanisms in Evaporating Liquid Films."

Dr. Narendranath's research focus is in the area of analytical and numerical methods for the creation of predictive design tools for energy/thermal/fluid science systems. His pedagogic interests are in energy/thermal/fluid sciences, differential equations. He occasionally uses the flipped classroom approach in addition to applying cooperative learning/teaching methods. 

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Pedagogic Interests

  • Analytical and numerical methods to fundamental problems in continuum mechanics
  • Measurement uncertainty and sensor response analysis

Research Interests

  • Numerical solutions and applications to engineering of non-linear partial differential equations
  • Low Reynolds Number fluid physics

Recent Publications