Jaclyn Johnson

Jaclyn Johnson (Nesbitt)


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Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics

Research Engineer

  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan Technological University
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics, Michigan Technological University
  • BA, Physics, Illinois Wesleyan University


Jaclyn Johnson joins the Department of Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics as a lecturer. Previously, she was an instructor and research staff member at Michigan Tech.

Johnson is a Tech alumna, where she received her PhD in Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics and her master’s in mechanical engineering.

Johnson’s teaching interests are energy thermofluids and solid mechanics. Her research interests are in combustion, diesel spray characteristics and structure and fundamental spark ignition studies of gaseous fuels.

Teaching Interests

  • Energy ThermoFluids Courses - Fluid Mechanics, Internal Combustion Engines, etc.
  • Mechanics Courses - Statics, Mechanics of Materials

Research Interests

  • Fundamentals of Diesel Spray and Combustion, Spark Ignition
  • Spray Combustion
  • Optical and Laser Diagnostics
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Thermophysical Properties; Spray & Combustion Modeling

Recent Publications

  • Johnson, J.E., Yoon, S.H., Lee, S.-Y., Naber, J.D., 2012, “Quantifying Statistical Measures of Diesel Spray Soot Characteristics using Laser-Induced Incandescence,” ICLASS 2012, 12th Triennial International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, Paper No. 1341.
  • Johnson, J.E., Naber, J.D., Lee, S-.Y., Kurtz, E., Robarge, N., Ge, H.-W., 2012, “Investigation of Diesel Liquid Spray Penetration Fluctuations Under Vaporizing Conditions,” SAE Paper No. 2012-01-0455.
  • Johnson, J.E., Naber, J.D., Lee, S.-Y., 2012, “Characterizing Diesel Fuel Spray Cone Angle from Back-Scattered Imaging by Fitting Gaussian Profiles to Radial Spray Intensity Distributions,” Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, Vol. 134 (6), 8 pages.
  • Johnson, J.E., Worm, J.J., Miers, S.A., Naber, J.D., 2012, “Handbook of Bioenergy Crop Plants: Section 1 Chapter 10: Biofuel Use from Bioenergy Crops: Internal Combustion Engines in Transportation,” pp. 217-237. (Shonnard, D.R., Joshi, S., & Kole, C., Eds.), CRC Press: Taylor and Francis.
  • Nesbitt, J.E., Johnson, S.E., Pickett, L., Siebers, D., Lee, S.-Y., Naber, J.D., 2011, “Minor Species Production from Lean Premixed Combustion and their Impact on Autoignition of Diesel Surrogates,” Energy and Fuels, Vol. 25 (3), pp. 926-936.
  • Nesbitt, J.E., Lee, S.-Y., Naber, J.D., Arora, R., 2010, “An Optical Study of Spark Ignition and Flame Kernel Development Near the Lean Limit at Elevated Pressure,” Proceedings of the ASME 2010 Internal Combustion Engine Division Fall Technical Conference, San Antonio, TX, ICEF2010-35136.

Recent Research Projects

NSF/DOE Partnership on Advanced Combustion Engines: Ignition and Combustion Characteristics of Transportation Fuels under Lean-Burn Conditions for Advanced Engine Concepts

Principal Investigator: Seong-Young Lee
Co-PI: Jaclyn Johnson
College/School: College of Engineering
Department(s): Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics