Madhukar Vable

Madhukar Vable


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Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics

  • PhD, Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan
  • MTech, Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology
  • BTech, Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology


Dr. Vable enjoys developing and using computational tools for stress analysis and design. He is currently developing a computer program based on boundary element method that can be used for design and analysis of isotropic and anisotropic bodies by users that have little or no knowledge of the boundary element methodology. The computer program is called BEAMUP-Boundary Element Analysis from Michigan's Upper Peninsula-which will be available to students and faculty of MTU for their research in the near future.

Dr. Vable is also developing BEAMUP for analyzing stresses near an interface of two isotropic or anisotropic materials. Vable also conducts research into the pedagogy of teaching mechanics of materials.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Computational Mechanics

Research Interests

  • Developing and using computational tools for stress analysis and design
  • Pedagogy of teaching mechanics of materials

Recent Publications

  • Vable, M. and Maddi J. "Boundary element analysis of bonded joints", International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, 26, 133- 144, 2006
  • Integrating fracture mechanics into undergraduate design." Proceedings of ASEE annual conference, Nashville, June 12-15, 2005
  • Vable, M. “Controlling errors in the process of automating boundary element method analysis.” Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, v26, pp. 405-415, 2002
  • Vable, M. and M.E. Fox "Tests for multiple materials problems”, Boundary Elements XXIV, eds. C.A. Brebbia, A. Tadeu, and V. Popov, pp731-740, 2002
  • Vable, M., "Mechanics of Materials," Oxford University Press, 2002.