Rush D. Robinett III

Rush D. Robinett Faculty


  • The Richard and Elizabeth Henes Chair Professor in Mechanical Engineering
  • Director of Research
  • Agile & Interconnected Microgrids Center Co-Director
  • Ph.D. Texas A&M University 1987
  • MS University of Texas at Austin 1984


Dr. Robinett specializes in nonlinear control and optimal system design of energy, robotics, and aerospace systems. 
Of particular interest in the energy arena is the distributed, decentralized nonlinear control and optimization of networked microgrids with up to 100% penetration of transient renewable energy sources (i.e., photovoltaics and wind turbines).  At 100% penetration, the optimal design of energy storage systems is critical to the stability and performance of networked microgrids because all of the spinning inertia and fossil fuel of the generators have been removed from the system.  In the robotics area, collective control of teams of simple, dumb robots that solve complicated problems is of continuing research interest.  The application areas span the space from chemical plume tracing of buried land mines to underwater detection of targets of interest to airborne surveillance systems to spacecraft formations.  In the aerospace area, system identification, trajectory optimization, guidance algorithm development, and autopilot design form the fundamentals of all of these research topics.  These fundamentals are presently being applied to stall flutter suppression and meta-stable controller design research. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Renewable Energy Grid Integration
  • Collective Systems Control
  • Nonlinear Controls
  • Optimization
  • Dynamics
  • Aeroelasticity

Research Interests

  • Energy storage system design for renewable energy grid integration
  • High penetration renewable energy microgrids
  • Collective control of networked microgrids and teams of robots
  • Exergy control for buildings
  • Flutter suppression for wind turbines
  • Nonlinear control system design

Recent Publications

  • S. Zou, O. Abdelkhalik, R. Robinett , U. Korde, G. Bacelli, D. Wilson, and R. Coe, “Model Predictive Control of Parametric Excited Pitch-Surge Modes in Wave Energy Converters”, International Journal of Marine Energy, Vol. 19, pp. 32-46, September 2017. DOI:10.1016/j.ijome.2017.05.002 Read More
  • M. Razmara, G. R. Bharati, D. Hanover, M. Shahbakhti, S. Paudyal, and R.D. Robinett III, “Building-to-Grid Predictive Power Flow Control for Demand Response and Demand Flexibility Programs ”, Journal of Applied Energy, Vol. 203, pp. 128-141, October 2017. DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2017.06.040 Read More
  • O. Abdelkhalik, S. Zou, R. Robinett III, G. Bacelli, D. Wilson. R. Coe, and U. Korde, “Multi Resonant Feedback Control of Three-Degree-of-Freedom Wave Energy Converters”, IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, Vol. PP, I 99, DOI:10.1109/TSTE.2017.2692647, April 2017. Read More
  • W.W. Weaver, R.D. Robinett III, D.G. Wilson, and R.C. Matthews, “Meta-Stability of Pulse Power Loads using the Hamiltonian Surface Shaping Method”, IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, Vol. 32, Issue 2, pp. 820-828, DOI: 10.1109/TEC.2017.2652980, Jan 2017. Read More
  • E. Trinklein, G. Parker, R. Robinett III, and W. Weaver Jr., “Toward Online Optimal Power Flow of a Networked DC Microgrid System”, IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, Vol. 5, Issue 3, DOI: 10.1109/JESTPE.2017.2657459, Jan 2017. Read More
  • S. Zou, O. Abdelkhalik, R. Robinett, G. Bacelli, and D. Wilson, “Optimal Control of Wave Energy Converters”, Renewable Energy, Vol. 103, pp. 217-225, April 2017. DOI: 10.1016/j.renene.2016.11.036 Read More
  • M.D. Cook, G.G. Parker, R.D. Robinett, and W.W. Weaver “Decentralized Mode-Adaptive Guidance and Control for DC Microgrid”, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 32, Issue 1, pp. 62-72, DOI 10.1109/TPWRD.2016.2583384, Feb 2017. Read More
  • B. Moridan, N. Mahmoudian, W. Weaver, and R. Robinett, “Post-Disaster Electric Power Recovery Using Autonomous Vehicles”, IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, Vol. 14, Issue 1, pp. 62-72, DOI: 10.1109/TASE.2016.2614927, Jan 2017. Read More

Recent Research Projects

Increasing Ship Power System Capability through Exergy Control

Principal Investigator: Gordon Parker
Co-PI: Rush Robinett
Co-PI: Eddy Trinklein
College/School: College of Engineering
Department(s): Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Center/Institute: Agile and Interconnected Microgrids (AIM)

Collaborative Research: EAGER: On Making Wave Energy an Economical and Reliable Power Source for Ocean Measurement Applications

Principal Investigator: Ossama Abdelkhalik
Co-PI: Rush Robinett
College/School: College of Engineering
Department(s): Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Center/Institute: Agile and Interconnected Microgrids (AIM)

Autonomous Microgrids: Theory Control Flexibility and Scalability

Principal Investigator: Wayne Weaver
Co-PI: Nina Mahmoudian
Co-PI: Rush Robinett
College/School: College of Engineering
Department(s): Electrical and Computer Engineering

Center/Institute: Agile and Interconnected Microgrids (AIM)