Gordon G. Parker

Gordon G. Parker


John & Cathi Drake Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics

Agile & Interconnected Microgrids Center Co-Director

  • PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo


Dr. Parker specializes in control system design and correlation of nonlinear dynamic models to experimental data. A key area of his research is the optimal control of microgrids with particular attention given to networked topologies. Closed loop control and real-time optimization for harmonizing use of available energy generation and storage assets, while satisfying loads, is the main theme. Applications requiring temporary or remote power motivate much of his funded research along with disaster relief scenarios. Development of a scalable, optimal control solution is critical for allowing the interconnection, in both power and communication, of separately deployed microgrids. The main challenge stems from a microgrid’s ever-changing energy asset and load portfolio and their effect on the system models used for optimal planning and control system design. Rational segregation of distributed versus centralized optimization and control is another research area. In the past year Dr. Parker and his colleagues formed the Agile and Interconnected Micrgorid (AIM) Center to bring together faculty from Computer Science, Mathematics, Cognitive Sciences and Learning, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering to focus an interdisciplinary team on this technical area. More generally, nonlinear control, system simulation, nonlinear system parameter identification and optimization, are present in most of Dr. Parker’s ongoing projects. Examples include active control of diesel engine aftertreatment systems and at-sea control of naval equipment.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Nonlinear Controls
  • Mechatronics
  • Microgrids

Research Interests

  • Control system design
  • Methods for correlating nonlinear dynamic models to experimental data
  • Nonlinear control
  • System simulation
  • Nonlinear system parameter identification and optimization

Recent Publications

  • Parker, Gordon, Schaub, H., Natarajan A., 2007, "Reconfiguration of a Nadir-Pointing 2-Craft Coulomb Tether," JBIS - Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Vol. 60, No. 6, pp. 209-218.
  • King, Lyon (Brad), Parker, Gordon, Schaub, H., Natarajan, A., 2007, "Coulomb Force Virtual Space Structures," ESA SP-633, Noordwijk: ESA Publications Division, pp. 39-44.
  • Schaub, H., Parker, G. G., and King, L. B., 2004, “Challenges and Prospects of Coulomb Spacecraft Formation Flying,” The Journal of the Astronautical Sciences, Vol. 52, No. 1-2, pp. 169-193.
  • Dhaliwal, A., Parker, G.G. and Blough, J. R., 2004, “Active Structural Acoustic Control of Road Noise in a Passenger Vehicle,” International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems, Vol. 2, pp. 168-188.
  • Chen, W., Buehler, M., Parker, G. G., and Bettig, B., 2004, “Optimal Sensor Design and Control of Piezoelectric Laminate Beams,” IEEE Transactions on Control System Technology, Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 148-155.
  • Kladopoulou, E. A., Yang, S. L., Johnson, J. H., Parker, G. G. and Konstandopoulos, A. G., 2003, “A Study Describing the Performance of Diesel Particulate Filters During Loading and Regeneration—A Lumped Parameter Model for Control Applications,” SAE Journal of Fuels and Lubricants, Vol. 112, pp. 647-668.

Recent Research Projects

Distributed Agent-Based Management of Agile Microgrids

Principal Investigator: Wayne Weaver
Co-PI: Laura Brown
Co-PI: Steven Goldsmith
Co-PI: Gordon Parker
College/School: College of Engineering
Department(s): Electrical and Computer Engineering
Center/Institute: Agile and Interconnected Microgrids (AIM)