Jeffrey D. Naber

Jeffrey D. Naber


Ron & Elaine Starr Professor in Energy Systems, Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics

Director, Advanced Power Systems Research Center

Pi Tau Sigma Faculty Advisor

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison


Dr. Naber joined MTU in August of 2004. Prior to joining MTU, he worked in the automotive industry on R&D of engine-management-systems for gasoline and diesel engines. He also worked at Sandia National Laboratories, CRF investigating sprays and combustion processes of diesel, natural gas, and hydrogen engines utilizing laser based diagnostics. He and fellow colleagues direct the Advanced Internal Combustion Laboratories (AICE) at the University. His research interests are in IC engines and after-treatment and the development and application of advanced experimental techniques, signal processing technologies, theoretical models, and embedded control to characterize the thermo-physical processes.

Areas of Expertise

  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Hydrogen and Biofuels
  • After-Treatment

Research Interests

  • Combustion processes and combustion control of hydrogen and hydrogen dual fuelled engines
  • Biofuels including ethanol with production from forest products and application in advanced combustion engines
  • Gasoline IC engine research and the development of physical based correlations and models
  • Development of combustion measurement techniques for diesel, gasoline, and HCCI and PPCI engines

Recent Publications

Recent Research Projects

SEP: Sustainable Forest-Based Biofuel Pathways to Hydrocarbon Transportation Fuels: Biomass Production Torrefaction Pyrolysis Catalytic Upgrading and Combustion

Principal Investigator: David Shonnard
Co-PI: Ezra Bar-Ziv
Co-PI: Andrew Burton
Co-PI: Audrey Mayer
Co-PI: Jeffrey Naber
College/School: College of Engineering
Department(s): Chemical Engineering