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John Kline


From his earliest days, Kline ’49 has made a specialty of dodging bullets, both literal and figurative. The first calamity he remembers was falling head first into a rock-lined basement back in 1927 or so, when he was three or four years old. "My mother staunched the bleeding with spider webs," he recalls. Kline emerged unbloodied from his second big disaster, unlike 3,684 other American servicemen who . . .

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Harold Schock

'79, '74

Dr. Harold Schock received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University in 1974 and his MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor in 1975. He then returned to Michigan Tech and earned his PhD in Engineering Mechanics in 1979. While earning his PhD at Tech, Dr. Schock worked as a research assistant and a teaching assistant. Dr. Schock is a Professor of Mechanical . . .

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Susan Trahan


Susan graduated from Michigan Technological University with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1987. In 1994 she received a Master’s of Science in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. Susan began her career as a Quality Engineer in Precision Weapons Development at Alliance Techsystems/Honeywell. In 1991 she began working for SCIMED, which later became . . .

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Jack G. Real

Jack G. Real


Jack Real began his aviation career two years after graduating from Michigan Tech with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1937. He joined Lockheed Aircraft as a design engineer in 1939, flew for Pan Am during World War II, then worked as a test pilot and flight test engineer for Lockheed until 1965, when he became vice president and general manager of the Lockheed Rotary Wing Division. He became Howard Hughes chief aviation advisor

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Martin G. Lagina

Martin G. Lagina


Marty Lagina graduated with honor in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. While a student at Michigan Tech he was a member of Tau Beta Pi and Pi Tau Sigma. He continued his education in the field of law and received his Juris Doctorate, with honor, from the University of Michigan in 1982.

Marty began his career working as a petroleum engineer for Amoco Production Company. In 1979, while attending

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John T. Eastman

John T. Eastman Sr.


John Eastman graduated from Michigan Tech in 1958 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He went on to earn an MBA from Ohio State University in 1980. 

After graduation, John went to work for General Motors Corp in the Buick Automobile Engineering Section where he was assigned to the Experimental Noise and Vibration Engineering Section.  While at Buick he introduced the new dynamic rubber testing machine and procedures that

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Daniel Rivard

Daniel Rivard


One of the most recognizable mottos in the world was coined not by a copywriter but by an engineer. Ford Motor Company's "Quality Is Job One" was a slogan and a corporate touchstone for seventeen years, practically forever in the short-attention-span world of marketing. It originated with one man's obsession with making everything better.

"Dan Rivard was the face of Total Quality Improvement at Ford Motor Company for an entire era," said

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Joseph A. Gemignani

Joseph A. Gemignani


Joseph A. Gemignani earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Tech in 1953. After graduation he served two years in the United States Air Force. He then continued his education at the University of Michigan Law School where he received his J.D. Law in 1958.

He began his career in patent law with McGraw Edison Company in Milwaukee. In 1961 he joined Michael Best & Friedrich, one of the oldest and largest business law