2011-2012 Seminars

The ME-EM Graduate Seminar Series is offered as an opportunity for graduate students and faculty to broaden their knowledge beyond their specific area of research and/or studies. This is important at and beyond the graduate level where our activities are highly focused and specialized from a topical perspective. The Seminar Series Committee works diligently to provide a full agenda of speakers who are known nationally and internationally and represent academia, industry and government. The intention is to balance the topics across all areas of the Department while also integrating a few speakers who traverse the traditional ME-EM boundary into new and exciting areas.

Spring 2012 Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are from 4:00–5:00 PM in Room 112 of the ME-EM Building. Refreshments will be served.

Jan 12Nina MahmoudianDepartment of Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Technological UniversityMulti-Vehicle Motion Control for Underwater Gliders
Jan 19Yun Hang HuDepartment of Materials Science and Engineering at Michigan Technological University

Li-N Compounds for Energy Applications


Jan 26Karen RoemerMichigan Tech, Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology DepartmentThe interaction of sports equipment and the human being
Feb 2Ed ZentnerDirector of Engineering, General Motors, (Retired)Being a Life-Long Student
Feb 9
"Special Seminar"
Eric FunkenbuschProgram Director, 3M Fuel Cell Components ProgramMembrane Electrode Assembly Development for Low Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Feb 16Donggang YaoSchool of Materials Science & Engineering at Georgia Institute of TechnologyGeneral Maxwell Model with Logarithmic Strain Measurements
Feb 23Thomas CoDepartment of Chemical Engineering at Michigan TechStabilization and Bifurcations of Unstable Processes with Time Delay
Mar 1Zachary FolcikMassachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln LaboratoryPredicting Close Approaches in Geosynchronous Orbit
Mar 15Jon PharoahAssociate Director -RMC Fuel Cell Research Centre, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, CanadaFuel Cells and Renewable Energy ... and Multi-Scale Modelling of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Mar 22Greg McKennaHorn Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Texas Tech UniversityUsing Mechanics to Interrogate the Physics of Soft Matter: From the Glassy to the Rubbery States and from the Macro-scale to the Nano-scale
Mar 29Hong G ImAssociate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of MichiganUnderstanding Auto-ignition and Combustion Characteristics Through High-fidellity Simulation
Apr 5Stephen W. RouhanaFord Research & Advanced EngineeringEngineering Considerations in Automotive Safety - A Case Study in Ford's Inflatable Seat Belts
Apr 12Kurt SchneiderEngineering Group Manager, Global N & V CAE and Structural Vibration, General MotorsImportance of Structural Vibrations to Mechanical Engineer

Fall 2011 Seminars

Sep 1Gregory Odegard Powerpoint Presentation Guidelines
Sep 8Kazuya Tajiri Michigan Technological UniversitySubzero Startup and Shutdown of Automotive Fuel Cell Systems
Sep 15
Dow 641
Steven McKnightDivision Director, Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation at the National Science FoundationCivil, Mechanical, and Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI) at the National Science Foundation
Sep 22
Dow 641
Jessica TownsendMechanical Engineering at the Franklin W. Olin College of EngineeringThe Olin College Curriculum: An Engineering Education by Design
Sep 29Jong Guen LeeOhio Research Scholar in the School of Aerospace Systems at the University of Cincinnati.Various research topics on Combustion/Propulsion/Energy Systems
Oct 6Jianyu HuangStaff Scientist of the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies at Sandia National Laboratories

Application of In-Situ Electron Microscopy in Nanoscience and Energy Research

Oct 13Jonathan D. RogersManager of Strategic Weapons Studies at Sandia National LaboratoriesEngineering Challenges in National Security
Oct 20Kim WookyungSenior research scientist from United Technologies Research Center (UTRC)Plasma-Assisted Flame Holding in Subsonic Flows
Oct 27
Dow 641
Allan KirkpatrickColorado State UniversityASME Vision 2030 – Creating the Future of Mechanical Engineering Education
Nov 3Robert WeissDepartment Chair and Hezzleton E. Simmons Professor of Polymer Engineering, University of Akron's College of Polymer Science and Polymer EngineeringDynamics of Hydrophobically Modified Hydrogels
Nov 10S. Jack HuAssociate Dean - Academic Affairs, College of Engineering, G Lawton and Louise G Johnson Professor, Engineering, University of MichiganProduct Assembly: Quality, Productivity and Customization
Nov 17Mehdi AhmadianVirginia Tech Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.A Walk down the Memory Lane with Magneto Rheological Technology for Vehicle Applications
Dec 1Birsen DonmezUniversity of Toronto in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department and the director of the Human Factors and Applied Statistics Laboratory (HFASt)Lane changing and lane choice across different age groups under multiple levels of cognitive demand
Dec 8Keat Ghee OngMichigan Technological University, Department of Biomedical EngineeringImplantable Wireless Biosensors

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