2009-2010 Seminars

The ME-EM Graduate Seminar Series is offered as an opportunity for graduate students and faculty to broaden their knowledge beyond their specific area of research and/or studies. This is important at and beyond the graduate level where our activities are highly focused and specialized from a topical perspective. The Seminar Series Committee works diligently to provide a full agenda of speakers who are known nationally and internationally and represent academia, industry and government. The intention is to balance the topics across all areas of the Department while also integrating a few speakers who traverse the traditional ME-EM boundary into new and exciting areas.

Spring 2010 Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are from 3:00–4:00 PM in Room 112 of the ME-EM Building. Refreshments will be served.

01/14/10Bo ChenMechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics Department at Michigan Technological UniversityBuilding Adaptive Monitoring Networks: Applying Lessons Learned from Biological Systems
01/21/10Sheryl A. SorbyMechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics Department at Michigan Technological UniversityDeveloping 3-D Spatial Skills for Engineering Students
01/28/10Seong-Young LeeMechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics Department at Michigan Technological UniversityFundamentals and Applications of Pulse Detonation Engine
2/11/10Linda Ng BoyleUniversity of WashingtonMitigating the Effects of Driver Distraction
2/18/10Silvia Salinas Blemker
University of VirginiaMulti-scale modeling as a framework for uncovering the relationships between
skeletal muscle structure, function, and injury
2/25/10Jeffrey S. Allen
Department of Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics at Michigan Technological UniversityCapillary Phenomena in Fuel Cells
3/04/10Seonghwan Kim
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryNanomechanical microcantilever sensor: a versatile platform for physical, chemical, and biological detection and analysis
3/11/10Spring Break  
3/18/10Michelle L. OyenCambridge UniversityCharacterization of Poroelastic Properties of Hydrated Tissues by Indentation Testing
3/25/10Daniel KellyUniversity of Dublin, Trinity CollegeThe role of environmental factors in regulating chondrogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells – Implications for cell based cartilage repair therapies
4/01/10Hussein JirdehUniversity Space Research AssociationThe Universities Space Research Association
4/08/10James De ClerckDepartment of Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics at Michigan Technological UniversityComparison of Test and Analysis Results for the Purpose of Model Validation
4/15/10James C. HermansonUniversity of WashingtonStructure and Emissions of Strongly-Pulsed
Turbulent Diffusion Flames in Normal- and Microgravity
4/22/10Mark MusculusSandia national LaboratoriesLaser-Based Imaging of combustion Processes in Clean Diesel Engines

Fall 2009 Seminars

09/03/2009Gregory OdegardMichigan Technological UniversityPowerpoint Presentation Guidelines
Wendy CroneUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonBioactive Polyurethane Copolymers: Hemocompability, Mechanics, and Medical Device Applicaons
09/17/2009Scott RettererOak Ridge National LaboratoryDevelopment of Nanoporous Silicon Bioreactors within a Microfluidic Platform
09/24/2009John HillMichigan Technological UniversityA Systems Engineering Approach to Human Factors Research
10/01/2009Roop L. MahajanTucker Chair Professor at Virginia TechBeyond Silos:  Integrating Interdisciplinary Research and Education in the Academe
111 MEEM
Terry WoychowskiVice-president of General Motor's Global Vehicle Program ManagementLeadership - Changing the World Through Influence
10/15/2009Adam J RutkowskiAir Force Research LaboratoryBio-Jnspired Odor Source Localization
10/22/2009Mr. Dave Windstein,President
Twin Pines Solutions, LLC
Some Random Thoughts on the Role of Statistics in Product Design
10/29/2009Thomas 0. Fowler
Shell Exploration and ProductionEnergy Challenges in USA, Oil Shale’s Potential Role
11/05/2009Kazuya TajiriArgonne National LaboratoryStartup and Shutdown of Automotive Fuel Cell Stacks
11/12/2009T. Alan LovellAir Force Research Laboratory
Space Vehicles Directorate
An Overview of thr Space Scholars Program: Summer Research Opportunities in the Air Force Research Laboratory
11/19/2009Reza Shahbazian-YassarMichigan Technological UniversityReal-Time Electro-Mechanical Coupling in One-Dimensional Materials
12/03/2009Keat Ghee OngDepartment of Biomedical Engineering, Michigan Technological University'Wireless, Passive Sensor Technologies'
12/10/2009Kyong Chang ChoiMechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics Department at Michigan Technological UniversityResearch in the areas of microscopic imaging techniques, microfluidics, micro/nano-fabrication, and opto-electric cellular sensing

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