2008-2009 Seminars

The ME-EM Graduate Seminar Series is offered as an opportunity for graduate students and faculty to broaden their knowledge beyond their specific area of research and/or studies. This is important at and beyond the graduate level where our activities are highly focused and specialized from a topical perspective. The Seminar Series Committee works diligently to provide a full agenda of speakers who are known nationally and internationally and represent academia, industry and government. The intention is to balance the topics across all areas of the Department while also integrating a few speakers who traverse the traditional ME-EM boundary into new and exciting areas.

Spring 2009 Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are from 3:00–4:00 PM in Room 112 of the ME-EM Building. Refreshments will be served.

Jan. 15Michael J. DoylePrinciple Scientist with Accelrys, Inc.Flexible and General. Data Mining and Knowledge Extraction for Analytical and Other Data
Jan. 22Jinjie ShiPennsylvania State UniversityAcoustic Tweezers: Applying Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) to Microfluidics and Active Plasmonics
Jan. 29Madhukar VableMichigan Technological UniversityEngineering Triumphs and Disasters: A Mechanics of materials Viewpoint
Feb. 12Paul SojkaPurdue UniversitySecondary Atomization: The Aerodynamic Breakup of Drops
Feb. 19Jeffrey E. FroydTexas A & M UniversityImproving Engineering Education: What is the plan?
Feb. 20Sharnnia ArtisHuman Factors Engineering with Aptima, Inc.Self-Globalization: Strategies in Engineering Education, Research, and Practice
Feb. 26Ed BryanDirector of IBM Software Group Solutions for the Industrial SectorTaking Product Development Global
Mar. 5John SimonsenOregon State University'Frontiers of Nanotechnology in Bio-Based Material
Mar. 19A. M. RajendranChair of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Mississippi'Research Opportunities in Mechanics and Nano/Biosciences at the Army Research Office' and 'Atomistic Modeling of Ductile Failure'.
March 26John L. CrassidisMechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the State University of New York in Buffalo'Deterministic Relative Attitude Determination of Formation Flying Vehicles'
April 2David G. WilsonEnergy Systems Analysis / Wind Energy Technology Departments at Sandia National Laboratories'Sandia National Laboratories Wind Energy Research – SMART Rotor Program and Power Grid Control and Analysis R&D'
April 9Mark HorstemeyerMississippi State University'Multiscale Modeling and Practical Engineering Applications'
April 16Suhada JayasuriyaTexas A & M University, Director of the Control Systems Program in the CMMI devision of the National Science Foundation'Funding Opportunities at the NSF and Cooperative Control under Hard Constraints and Coupling'
April 23Bin YaoPurdue University.  'Nonlinear Adaptive Robust Control - Theory and Applications'

Fall 2008 Seminars

3 pm
Patrick Winston tape  
3 pm
Robert WhiteJohn DeereGear Noise
3 pm
Scott MiersMichigan TechAlternative and Renewable Transportation Fuel Research to Improve National Security
3 pm
Bhavani SankarUniversity of FloridaMicromechanical Models for Predicting Failure and Fracture in Composite Materials
3 pm
Teik C. LimUniversity of CincinntiModeling Analysis and Control of High-Speed Gear Dynamics
3 pm
Hamid GarmestaniGeorgia Institute of TechnologyThe Role of Nano-structures in Microstructure Design of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
3 pm
Dale R. TreeBrigham Young UniversityOxy-combustion – An Enabling Technology For CO2 Sequestration and Its Role in Reducing Coal-Fired NOX Emissions
3 pm
Melik DemirelPenn StateA Bottom-Up Approach of Creating Nanostructured Polymer Films
3 pm
Mark IngberNSFMultiscale Modeling of Suspension Flows
3 pm
Ozden OchoaTexas A & M.'Designing in Multifunctionality:  A Cellular Perspective'
3 pm
U115 M&M
John F. Conley, Jr.,Oregon State UniversityAtomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Assisted Surface Modification and Directed Growth of Nanomaterials
11/20/2008Dennis A. SiginerDistinguished University Professor Assistant Provost Dean, College of Arts & Sciences Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAEHeat Transfer Asymptote In Laminar Flow Of  Non-Linear Viscoelastic Fluids In Straight Non-Circular Tubes And Interplay Of Elasticity And Inertia In Heat Transfer Enhancement
12/04/2008Nigel SammesColorado School of MinesWhy Micro-Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells?
12/11/2008Abel (Po-Ya) ChuangGeneral MotorsPEM Fuel Cell Diffusion Media for Automotive Application

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