ME-EM Labs And Facilities

The R. L. Smith Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Building, at twelve stories, boasts over 50,000 square feet of state-of-the-art labs and computer centers. 

Lab Location Contact
Sub-basement Level    
Wave Tank ME-EM S001 Umesh Korde
Plastics Lab ME-EM S001A Kevin M. Johnson
Dynamic Systems Laboratory ME-EM S001, S003 Chuck Van Karsen
HEV Enterprise Lab ME-EM S002, S002A Bob Page
MTS Structural Test Lab ME-EM S003B Kevin M. Johnson
MTS Hydraulic Pump Room ME-EM S003C Kevin M. Johnson
MTS Mechanical Test Lab ME-EM S003D Kevin M. Johnson
Metrology ME-EM S003E Craig Friedrich
Energy Mechantronics  Lab ME-EM S004 Mahdi Shabakhti
Nanoindentation Lab ME-EM S005 Ibrahim Miskioglu
Mechanical Engineering Practice 1 Lab ME-EM S007 Kevin M. Johnson
Diesel Engine Laboratory ME-EM S010 Jeff Naber
Combustion Science Exploration Laboratory ME-EM S011A Seong-Young Lee
Velovations Enterprise Lab ME-EM S012 Steve Lehmann
Engine Build Lab ME-EM S013 Jeff Naber
Advanced IC Engine Lab ME-EM S013B Jeff Naber
Alternative Fuels Engine Lab ME-EM S014 Jeff Naber
Basement Level    
Machine Shop ME-EM B002 Marty Toth
Senior Capstone Design Assembly Lab ME-EM B002A, B003, B004 Bob Page
Additive Manufacturing Lab ME-EM B004A Bob Page
Aerospace Enterprise Lab ME-EM B004C Brad King
Welding and Fabrication Lab ME-EM B006 Marty Toth
Mechanical Engineering Practice 1 Lab ME-EM B007 Kevin M. Johnson
Ion Space Propulsion Lab ME-EM B007C Brad King
First Floor    
Micromanufacturing Lab ME-EM 101 Craig Friedrich
Aerospace Enterprise Clean Room ME-EM 117 Brad King
Human Haptic Lab ME-EM 128 Ye Sun
Second Floor    
Cuskie Design & Creativity Center ME-EM 209 Bill Endres
Lagina Student Success Center Second Floor  

The Lagina Student Success Center encompasses the Engineering Learning Center, the Advising Resources Center, a computer-assisted instruction laboratory, and two collaborative learning rooms. The center provides facilities, advising, coaching, and services for all mechanical engineering students, focusing on undergraduate students in their first three years of study.

Third Floor    
Nonlinear and Autonomous Systems (NAS) Lab ME-EM 301 Nina Mamhoudian
Mechanical Engineering Practice Lab 4 ME-EM 305 Brad King
Intelligent Systems and Controls Lab ME-EM 306 Gordon Parker
Fifth Floor    
Biomechanics ME-EM 501 John Beard
Calder Systems and Control Lab ME-EM 502 Gordon Parker
Intelligent Mechatronics and Embedded Systems Laboratory ME-EM 502A Bo Chen
Mechanical Engineering Practice Lab 1 ME-EM 502B Paul van Susante
Mechanical Engineering Practice Lab 2 ME-EM 505 Jeff Allen
Sixth Floor    
Sound Quality Laboratory ME-EM 601A, 601B Andrew Barnard
Anechoic and Reverberation Chamber ME-EM 601C Andrew Barnard
Multiscale Transport Process Lab ME-EM 601D Kazuya Tajiri
Heat Transfer Laboratory ME-EM 602 Amitabh Narain
Rivard Product Realization Center ME-EM 605, 606 Marty Toth
Randolph Non-Metals Center ME-EM 607 Marty Toth
Seventh Floor    
Mechanical Engineering Practice Lab 1 ME-EM 701 Paul van Susante
Dynamic Systems and Human-Robot Interaction Lab ME-EM 701A Mo Rastgaar
Photomechanics Lab ME-EM 702 Ibrahim Miskioglu
Strain Gage Instruction/Installation Lab ME-EM 702A Ibrahim Miskioglu
Optical Strain Lab ME-EM 702B Ibrahim Miskioglu
Tenth Floor    
Microfluidics and Interfacial Transport Laboratory ME-EM 1001 Jeff Allen
Microscale Electrical and Optical Sensing (micro-EOS) Laboratory ME-EM 1002 C. K. Choi
Nanotechnology Lab ME-EM 1003 Sajjad Bigham
Biomechanics Lab ME-EM 1004 William Predebon
Soft Lithography Lab ME-EM 1005 C. K. Choi
Bio-Engineering Lab ME-EM 1006 C. K. Choi
Innovative Global Solutions Enterprise Lab ME-EM 1007 Radheshyam Tewari