Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Phase II Campaign—Building for the Future: Endowing Excellence

Nearly every industry depends upon mechanical engineers. They are indispensable in every facet of the engineering profession as well as in finance, law, and medicine. That's why it is imperative that Michigan Tech students are taught by quality faculty and exposed to first-class equipment and facilities.

Researcher sitting working on a piece of equipment, drill lays at the ready

Student Programs and Competition Fund

Our extremely successful student competitions (Nanosatellite, Baja, FormulaCar, etc.) provide many students with leadership and hands-on, real world experiences. ​To compete globally, students need all-around support beyond the corporate sponsorships for projects.

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Faculty member holding and posing with a piece of equipment

Faculty Development Fund

Impactful researchers and innovative teachers can not work in isolation; they must present their work at meetings, meet with book developers, and participate in professional activities with their peers. Helping faculty stay on top of their fields requires financial support.

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Students work together kneeling on a large piece of equipment

Department Excellence Fund

Academia is no more immune to unanticipated expenses than business or industry. A dedicated source of funding can alleviate unexpected crises and smooth budgetary ups and downs. Areas of support include, but not limited to, distinguished seminar series, equipment, student learning center coaches, and senior design.

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