Mechanical Engineering: A Tradition of Excellence

Our graduate program  is ranked 61st nationally among the 171 (top 36%) doctoral granting Mechanical Engineering Departments in the U.S. by the 2015 U.S. News & World Report: America's Best Graduate Schools (ranked in 2014).

The National Science Foundation ranks the Department of Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics as 22nd in research expenditures with $13.981 million among all Mechanical Engineering Departments in the U.S..

Our department is 12th in MSME degrees awarded, 9th in MSME enrollment, 42nd in PhD degrees awarded, and 32nd in PhD enrollment (latest ASEE data).

Our undergraduate program is currently 14th in the U.S. in BSME degrees awarded and 9th in enrollment (latest ASEE data). We have been in the top 17 in this category for the past 31 consecutive years.

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Song Lin (Jason) Yang

Song-Lin (Jason) Yang

PhD, University of Florida



Professor, Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics

Dr. Yang’s research interest is in the area of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), both in developing it as a tool and in using it to study problems in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and combustion. He is using the KIVA code along with the Reynolds-stress turbulence model for engine flow simulation with . . .

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William W. Predebon

William W. Predebon

PhD, Engineering Mechanics, Iowa State University



Department Chair, Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics

Dr. Predebon's research includes mechanical behavior, characterization and processing of ceramics, shock deformation including microstructural effects and dynamic fracture of metals and ceramics, impact phenomena, computer simulation of wave phenomena, explosive-metal interaction and fragmentation. His research usually involves experimental, analytical, and computational elements.

Dr. Predebon's research in mechanical behavior and processing of alumina . . .

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Rush D. Robinett Faculty

Rush D. Robinett III

Ph.D. Texas A&M University 1987


(906) 487-1493

The Richard and Elizabeth Henes Chair Professor in Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Robinett specializes in nonlinear control and optimal system design of energy, robotics, and aerospace systems. 
Of particular interest in the energy arena is the distributed, decentralized nonlinear control and optimization of networked microgrids with up to 100% penetration of transient renewable energy sources (i.e., photovoltaics and wind turbines).  At 100% penetration, the optimal design of energy storage systems is critical to the stability and performance of networked microgrids because all of the . . .

Wings of Angels documentary follows two wounded war veterans (both amputees) who heal their bodies through marathoning, and the dedicated group of Michigan Tech engineering students that attempt to design and build a better hand cycle for the vets to compete with.

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