Study Abroad Program

You are making a wise decision to begin to explore a Study Abroad program at Michigan Technological University. Foreign study and travel will benefit you in numerous ways:

  • Personally, through an exposure to new cultures and places
  • Academically, through access to courses not available at Michigan Tech and to different perspectives on topics taught at Tech
  • Professionally, because companies want to hire students who have traveled abroad as either graduate or undergraduate students.

Study Abroad 101 Session

Study Abroad 101 is used to educate students on the details of studying abroad. If you're interested in studying abroad, you'll want to attend this important session held twice per week. Not sure if studying abroad will work for you? Which program will fit best with your academic program? Questions about financial aid and scholarships? All students are encouraged to attend a Study Abroad 101 advising session as they begin to explore the international education opportunities at Michigan Tech.

Each session will include an overview of the study abroad options available to Michigan Tech students, the study abroad process and how to work it into your academic plan.


International Programs and Services Office, 200 Administration Building


11:00 a.m. on Tuesdays
2:00 p.m. on Thursdays

Application Deadlines*

Summer Semester—March 1
Fall Semester—April 1
Spring Semester—October 15
* There are certain faculty-led programs which set their own application deadlines. Please refer to your program leader for details.


Returning Students

Spring and Summer 2013 Study Abroad Reunion, 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 in the MUB Alumni Lounge B

Scholarship Recipients

Foundation for Global Scholars and GlobaLinks Learning Abroad: Spring 2014 - Amanda Bybee (Australia)
Class of '74 Study Abroad Scholarship: Spring 2014 - Katie Riutta (New Zealand)
Whitaker International Program: Fall 2013 - Mitchell Kirby (New Zealand)
Gilman Scholarship: Fall 2013 - Andrea Bowen (China), Warren Kesti (South Korea), Eugene Kim (South Korea) & Christopher Trevino (Japan)
Class of '74 Study Abroad Scholarship:Fall 2013 - Eugene Kim (South Korea)
Gilman Scholarship:
Fall 2012 - Chanavia Smith (Japan)
Class of '74 Study Abroad Scholarship: Summer 2012 - Alex Sprague (United Kingdom)

Gilman Scholarship: Spring 2012 - Jacob Bjorn (Costa Rica)
Class of '74 Study Abroad Scholarship: Spring 2012 - Jacob Bjorn (Costa Rica)
USAC Anniversary Scholarship: Spring 2012 -  Meghan Stan (New
Gilman Scholarship:
Fall 2011 - Jared Meyette (Sweden), Kodi Padilla (United Kingdom)
Class of '74 Study Abroad Scholarship: Fall 2011 - Andrew Komurka (Germany)
Gilman Scholarship:
Summer 2011 - Geoffrey Ng (China)
Freeman-ASIA Award: Summer 2011 - Geoffrey Ng (China)