Paying for School

Cost and Fees

The Annual Tuition and Fees table summarizes the estimated expenses for an international student.

Tuition Payment for New International Students

Pay tuition and fees online (with credit card or e-check) or after arrival at Student Billing by the deadline. Michigan Tech accepts Wire Transfer of funds, also, see below. 

The tuition payment deadline is 5:00 PM EST, Wednesday, before the first day of class.

Payments received after 5:00 PM that Wednesday, will be assessed a $50 late payment fee. Your class schedule will be cancelled if payment is not received by 5:00 PM on the second day of class, or if your check is returned due to insufficient funds. If you have to reschedule your classes (late payment after 5:00 PM on the second day of class) you will be charged a $100 late enrollment fee.

If tuition and fees are not paid on time, your enrollment will be canceled. This will put you out of status with the Department of Homeland Security and you will be asked to leave the country.

How to Pay for Tuition/Fees and Housing Before Arrival at Michigan Tech

To Pay Before Arrival: On-line or Wire Transfer (2 weeks before deadline or earlier).

  • International wire transfer: Michigan Tech has partnered with Flywire to provide a seamless and cost reducing way for international students to pay for educational expenses via wire transfer. Click on the link on the bottom or your bill or go to:
  • E-check or Credit Card payments: on-line only (in the U.S., from home, or from anywhere). Pay tuition and fees online (with e-check or credit card) or after arrival at Student Billing by the deadline.
  • On your MyMichiganTech account, follow the links for your bill and payment options. Your bill will be auto-set to 15 credits, all fees (which vary by department), and room and board if a housing contract has been signed; (if not, housing costs will be assessed and paid upon arrival). Any additional charges or overcharges will be adjusted, and paid or reimbursed, after the second week of the semester. NOTE: if you already have a U.S. checking account, payment can be made on-line with this account, also.


Please indicate the dollar amount to be transferred and reference the purpose of the wire (give complete student name and Michigan Tech ID number ). International Wire Transfer may take 1 - 2 weeks for receipt, allow minimum of 2 weeks. Superior National Bank does not have IBAN or Swift Code numbers.

To Pay Upon Arrival at Michigan Tech

Have your bank at home provide a check, drawn on a U.S. bank, in dollars, made out to the student, in the amount you need for your first semester (housing, tuition, fees, insurance, personal expenses: about $17,000. or ½ the amount on line 8c of your I-20). You can open an account at Wells Fargo Bank as soon as you arrive. For cash deposited, the funds are available immediately. For checks deposited, the funds are available on the next business day.

Purchase Traveler’s Checks, in U.S. dollars, in the amount you need, bring them with you and deposit the money in your new bank account, as indicated above or make payment in person at Michigan Tech.


Please do NOT carry large amounts of cash when you travel. It is not a secure way to bring your tuition and/or housing payment to the States.

Pre-paid Debit Cards work well for everyday miscellaneous costs, but are NOT a convenient way to pay your college tuition and housing costs, since there is a $200-$600 limit on the amount you can withdraw each day (depending on the bank).