Employer Information Update Forms

Due to the complexity of the updates mandated by Federal regulation, the single OPT update form has been replaced by separate forms for various updates. Click on the appropriate links below.

J-1 Students

Use our online form to report on-campus employment.

F-1 Students

Provide information about your employer. Use this form to report:

  • Your first OPT employment
  • A new employer if you change jobs while on OPT
  • A new location if you change department/division/location/etc. for the same employer. NOTE: If you are working for a US-headquartered company and are sent to a branch that is not in the US, report the change of location. This will keep your OPT valid in case you are reassigned to a branch in the US.
  • Mandatory 6-month verification of employment during OPT STEM Extension

Report that your OPT is ending. Use this form to report:

  • Approval of an H1-B
  • Application for Permanent Residency
  • Departure from the US ending your F1 / OPT status
  • Return to school OR any other change that ends your F1 affiliation with MTU

All international students report a change of mailing, home country, or U.S. address through Banweb online, under Personal Information.