Exchange Agreements

Michigan Tech Transmittal Form for Agreement/Contract is an official document which is used to track the history and basic details related to the origination of all kinds of Memos of Understanding and Exchange Agreements. This from must be completed by the initiating faculty/department and signed by all officials indicated on the form. The form serves as the cover page of all proposed International Memos of Understanding and specific Exchange Agreements. A completed and signed Transmittal Form accompanied by either a Memo of Understanding or Exchange Agreement is submitted to Sponsored Programs Office for further processing and distribution for the administrative sign-offs.

Memo of Understanding (MOU) is a standard document adopted by Michigan Tech University which facilitates future relationships with international partners. MOU is a generic document which expresses the intent of both parties to explore possibilities for reciprocal and non-reciprocal international exchanges (student, faculty, research etc). A signed Memo of Understanding does not mean any financial commitment or legal commitment. It only opens the door for bi-lateral communication and negotiations so partners can negotiate specific international exchange agreements. 

International Student Exchange Agreement is a legal contract between two partners. The agreement can be reciprocal (two-way exchange of students) or non-reciprocal (one-way travel of students). An agreement may involve only undergraduate or graduate students or it may involve students at all academic levels. The template for International Student Exchange Agreement has details of all legal and financial commitments. However, any additional specific item of agreement may be inserted for review and approval.