Health and Insurance

Michigan Tech Student Health Insurance

You are required to have and maintain health insurance coverage throughout your stay at Michigan Tech University. Health insurance payments can be made by signing on to the Michigan Tech Student Information System in BanWeb. There will be a menu item for insurance which takes you directly to the payment options. We also have information available on student health insurance.

Information on purchasing health insurance will also be provided when you report to campus. If you already have insurance that will cover you while at Michigan Tech, you must bring proof of coverage with you and a copy of the insurance policy. Fees for required student health insurance must be paid after student pays tuition. Students will be guided through the enrollment process upon arrival.


Michigan Tech highly recommends that you have the following vaccinations before coming to school:

  • Meningococcus vaccine
  • Tetanus/ Diphtheria (a primary series and a booster within the last ten years)
  • Measles vaccine (two doses) or Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR)
  • Varicella vaccine, if you have not had chickenpox
  • Hepatitis A & B vaccine (three doses)

In addition, it is recommended that you get an influenza vaccination in October or November. For information on immunizations, see the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Portage Health Hospital System

The Houghton Community Health Center and Apothecary Pharmacy are operated by the Portage Health System. It is a fee service located on campus at the Student Development Complex (SDC). After-hours service and emergency care are provided by Portage Hospital, located in Hancock, about ten minutes from campus. For information visit Portage Health. For more information on regional health services, visit Upper Peninsula Health Care Network.

Student Health 101 E-Magazine

Michigan Tech partners with Student Health 101 to provide you with the latest information on how to live a healthy lifestyle while at Michigan Tech, Visit Orientation Issue of Student Health 101.

Public Safety

Public Safety is our on-campus certified police agency. It is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. For on-campus emergencies dial 123 or 8-911. For off-campus emergencies dial 911 (US International Emergency Dial Code for police, fire, ambulance).

Blue Light Phones

Emergency blue light phones are located throughout campus and connect directly to Public Safety for assistance. These phones are for emergency use only. You will receive a list of blue light phone locations when you check into the IPS.

Student Insurance FAQs