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Kaizen Events

There are always several Kaizen Events taking place across the Michigan Tech campus.  Many departments use these events to improve their processes and reduce waste.  If you are interested in holding a Kaizen Event at Michigan Tech, contact the Office of Continuous Improvement at improvement@mtu.edu or call 906-487-3180.

Event Name Sponsoring Department Team Leader Problem Statement Applicable Tools
Allocating Faculty time VPA-AMP-UP Terry Sharik There is a large variation across campus in allocating faculty time/effort among roles. Process Map
Aesthetic Improvement—EERC Basement Information Technology Brian Hutzler The current state affects teamwork and collaboration due to excitement, productivity, and attendance issues. 5 Whys and PCDA
MUB Basement 5S Auxiliary Services Daryl Matthews & Kari P Users are being injured and wasting time trying to find necessary equipment or inventory. Items are being damaged and creating safety issues. Unnecessary items are causing wasted space. 5S
Streamline Process for Lab Fee Requests + Annual Lab Fee Budget Sheet Provost Alex Guth Departments submit incomplete or inaccurate forms which results in increased processing time and multiple communications or submissions.
Airline Ticket Purchasing Options Accounting
Nancy Corrigan
& Mary Yeo
Multiple methods of purchasing airline tickets leads to Increased follow-up, resulting in wasted time and many errors for not only accounting but each department as well. 5 Whys Swim Lanes
Reopening of Research Excellence Funds Vice President for Research Natasha Chopp Due to the amount of turnover, miscommunication and a long process is occurring from directions not being followed, a lack of knowledge, and too many steps to REF. Swim Lanes
Assignment of Safety Training of Student Employees Environmental Health and Safety Pete Baril Dining and facilities share common student employees, yet they assign general safety training independently. System is set up in a manner that makes verification of training tedious. Swim Lanes, ICE Table
Industrial Funding: Women Faculty as Principle Investigators Vice President for Research Pete Larson Female faculty don't submit proposals for industry funding at the same rate as male faculty; female faculty are not funded as Pis at a very high rate by industry sponsors. This results in missed opportunities for faculty, students and the university, and can impact individual faculty with regard to tenure and promotion as well as retention. Hold focus groups to better assess current state
Locker Room Process Ticketing Ashley DeVoge Customers have to wait for duplicate information to be entered when signing up and staff members have to spend hours manually making reports because not all of the account information is available in one place. Swim Lanes
Commencement Registrars Kelly Vizanko There currently isn't a shared understanding of all that goes on in the commencement process. There are many areas of commencement that complicate the process, so this event is projected to split into several events, each of which will be focused on an aspect of commencement. The goal is standardize the steps of commencement and open the clarity and communication up. Swim Lanes,
Decision Matrix