What's Happening

Kaizen Events

There are always several Kaizen Events taking place across the Michigan Tech campus.  Many departments use these events to improve their processes and reduce waste.  If you are interested in holding a Kaizen Event at Michigan Tech, contact the Office of Continuous Improvement at improvement@mtu.edu or call 906-487-3180.

Event Name Sponsoring Department Facilitator Problem Statement Applicable Tools
Advance Grant Provost's Office  Theresa Coleman-Kaiser We need an explicitly delineated faculty career map. Process Mapping
Gap Analysis
Career Services Network Drive 5S Career Services  Megan Ross Lack of organization of the department drive has led to a disuse of it, inefficiencies and wasted time in searching 5S
Food Service Helper Job Description Dining Services

Kerri Sleeman & Renee Hiller

Due to high frequency turnover and a large applicant pool while using outdated hiring tools, it is difficult and time-consuming to get the right people in place. Standard Work
Build and Deploy Customer Communication IT Megan Ross Insufficient 2-way communication is causing delays, frustration, and confusion for both the customer and the IT staff Process Map
Employee Wellness Options Human Resources Shellie Hubert & Gina Goudge Employee confusion or lack of knowledge regarding wellness programs is causing less use of the benefits Standard Work
Engineering Fundamentals Drive 5S Engineering Fundamentals Kathy Wardynski Too many folders in separate locations for same information in the M drive 5S
Curriculum Binder Process Provost's Office Ruth Archer & Gina LeMay Routine tasks, which is complex and time consuming, to prevent the different curriculum from colliding Process Map
Start Up Funding Provost's Office Anita Quinn There are multiple tracking systems on campus that don;t allow for extraction of demographic data linked to faculty start ups.  This causes frustration and confusion for the people involved as well as wasted time and resources.  Reporting is difficult due to the different channels of information making it nearly impossible to have accurate data in order to make decisions. Standard Work