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Kaizen Events

There are always several Kaizen Events taking place across the Michigan Tech campus.  Many departments use these events to improve their processes and reduce waste.  If you are interested in holding a Kaizen Event at Michigan Tech, contact the Office of Continuous Improvement at improvement@mtu.edu or call 906-487-3180.

Event Name Sponsoring Department Facilitator Problem Statement Applicable Tools
Faculty Search Certification Process Provost  Audrey Mayer There is no current standard process to search for new faculty. Process Map
Organize M drive Eng, Fundamentals

Gina Dunstan

The current state of the M drive leads to confusion and inability to find documents quickly. 5S
Library Archive Binder process Library Georgeann Larson Binders have no order and there is a waste of time looking for binders. Duplication of information and binders are falling apart leading to pages missing. 5S
MTU Film Board Projector Student Organizations Wesley McGowen There is no system set in place to help raise the projector in Fisher 136 during the weekend movie showing Process Map
Wadsworth Hall Signage Housing Heather Dunne Visitors to Wadsworth Hall are often confused when entering Wadsworth Hall and are unable to find where they need to go. 

Visual Controls
Curriculum Binder Process Provost Theresa Jacques Annual task that is complex must be simplified and clarified. Need an efficient, thoughtful, & streamlined process for all curriculum updates (courses, degree audits, and general education) Process Map