Husky Food Access Network

About HuskyFAN

The Food Insecurities Committee formed in Fall 2014 to determine the extent of hunger issues on Michigan Tech’s campus. The student body was surveyed in January 2015 and the results were staggering. Of the slightly more than 1,000 students who responded roughly 25 percent reported experiencing hunger in the previous 30 days because they couldn’t afford to buy food. It became clear that support was needed. The committee began developing what is now known as the Husky Food Access Network (Husky FAN). We provide multiple resources for our campus community, including: a campus food pantry, meal swipes, emergency food packets and educational programs.

Pantry Eligibility

The Husky FAN Pantry is available to anyone struggling to afford meals. You don’t need to go hungry.  Anyone who is experiencing food insecurity is welcome to use the Pantry.


Find the Pantry on the ground level of the Hamar House Center for Diversity and Inclusion.


Fall 2018 hours will be Wednesdays and Thursdays 3 p.m. to 5 p.m..

What you can expect

We do our best to make your visit confidential. When you arrive at the pantry, you will be greeted by a volunteer. They will ask you to swipe your Michigan Tech ID. We won’t collect any data that ties your name or M number to your visit. We are collecting demographic information (age/sex/class) and time of use which we use to help us better serve the community. You can then select food and supplies to take home. We have bags available if needed. The food you take is weighed before you leave (again, we do this for the purpose of just collecting data). If you have questions about the process, please email us at