Digital Mapping Enterprise

Industry Partner:  Michigan Tech School of Technology
Faculty Advisor: Eugene Levin
Course Number:  ENT1960 / 2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 28
Disciplines Needed:  Geology, Civil Engineering, Forestry, Computer Science, Surveying

The Digital Mapping Enterprise (DME) aims to implement real-life geospatial mapping projects relying on the processing of aerial, satellite, and UAV imagery: LIDAR, Radar, IfSAR, and Hydrographic sonar data as well as GPS/GNSS, electronic instruments and surveying materials.  More importantly, the mapping projects facilitate students’ deep understanding of various geospatial disciplines including photogrammetry, remote sensing, geodesy, image interpretation, digital cartography and GIS.

Efficiency through Engineering and Construction

Industry Partners:  Ford Motor Company Fund, Energy Works of Michigan
Lynn A. Artman, PE, School of Technology
Course Number:  ENT2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 14
Courses: Student team-member enrollment - Section 14

Ask most engineers and they’ll tell you that the best projects are about hands-on problem solving to better the lives of others. Enter the Efficiency through Engineering and Construction Enterprise, a group of students working together as a small business to help local low-income and elderly homeowners. The team strategizes methods for making homes more energy efficient—winterizing, sealing air passages, upgrading insulation—and then works with local contractors to put those plans into action.

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Husky Game Development

Industry Partners: Autodesk, Chrysler, Michigan Tech ROTC, Michigan Tech Women in Computing Sciences
Faculty Advisor:
 Scott Kuhl
Course Number:  ENT1960 / 2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 18
Disciplines Needed: Scientific & Technical Communication, Education, Computer Science, Business, Arts & Design; all are welcome

Work hard, play harder. Students involved with the Husky Game Development Enterprise design, develop, build, and market games for the video game industry, educational use, and—of course—for fun. The team competes in a local 24-hour game development challenge, the Houghton Game Jam, and recently co-hosted BonzAI Brawl, an AI coding competition. One of the group’s games, Arcane Brawlers, was recently released on Xbox Marketplace. Game on!

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International Business Ventures

Industry Partner:  Heyer America, McAllister Foundation
Principal Advisors
Robert WarringtonAnne Warrington, and Michael Neuman
Course Number:  ENT2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 Section 16

An Enterprise with plenty of heart, International Business Ventures (IBV) works to create new products and technologies for people in developing countries. Through innovative research and development, financial analysis, marketability, and international partnerships with universities throughout the world, the group seeks to bring cutting-edge technology to the people who need it most. Case in point: students from IBV travelled to Ghana to test and implement an inexpensive new infant heart rate monitor.

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Nanotech Innovations

Industry Partner:  National Science Foundation
Faculty Advisor: John Jaszczak

Course Number:  ENT2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 26

Their motto: “Students creating the future one atom at a time.” The students involved with Michigan Tech’s Nanotech Innovations Enterprise are working to fulfill that credo by researching, developing, and marketing nanotechnology-related products and services, and sharing their knowledge and experiences with high school students and teachers along the way. Projects include an anti-vibration table; a student-run business, Naturally Graphite, that markets and sells graphite crystals; and a LEGO®-based scanning probe microscope.

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Open Source Hardware

Industry Partner:  
Faculty Advisor: Joshua Pearce
Course Number:  ENT 2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 33
Disciplines Needed:  All are welcome.  Specific needs include BA, CS, EE, MEEM, MSE, MTE, STC

The Open Source Hardware Enterprise aims to link high school, college and professional organizations through the development of open source hardware.  The initial focus of the enterprise is to develop high value products (e.g. scientific equipment) from rapid prototyping and reuse of waste materials (e.g. glass, plastic and newspaper) but will expand into development of equipment to assist in local food production and open source appropriate technology for the global community.  All designs will be open source and will be licensed in such a way as to ensure non-exclusivity.

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Robotics Systems

Industry Partner: ArcelorMittal, BAE Systems, General Motors
Faculty Advisor: Alex Sergeyev
Course Number:
 ENT2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 15
Disciplines Needed: All welcome, especially need MEEM, EE, CS, BA, STC

The Robotics Systems Enterprise bridges high school students, college undergraduates, and members of industry in exciting, hands-on robotics projects. Through real industry research and development, engineering, programming, marketing, and some hard work (and serious play), the group—with help from local youth—builds the coolest, most capable robot they can imagine, then tries to steal the gold at the annual FIRST Robotics Competition.

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