Human Health & Interface

Humane Interface Design

Industry Partner: Chrysler LLC
Faculty Advisor: Robert Pastel
Course Number:
 ENT2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 19

Humane Interface Design Enterprise (HIDE), provides students an opportunity to design, develop and evaluate interfaces to make daily work more efficient and easier to manage. Initially, the group is working on building a driver simulator and evaluating Chrysler's U-connect radio and display—a touch screen display found in current luxury model cars.

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International Business Ventures

Industry Partner:  
Principal Advisors
Robert Warrington, Anne Warrington, and Michael Neuman
Course Number:  ENT2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 / 5950 / 5960 -Section 16

The International Business Ventures (IBV) Enterprise offers a unique opportunity for students to learn how best to work cooperatively with other classmates, as well as students and businesses worldwide, to develop and bring to market new products for which a need has been identified. Currently, the enterprise is working on an Infant Heart Annunciator, a small Band-Aid-shaped device that detects an infant’s electrocardiogram, producing a visible flash and an audible tone. Oftentimes in developing countries, those present at birth do not have the training or equipment necessary to determine if an unresponsive infant is alive. The team’s goal is to eliminate this unnecessary loss of life. The team is also designing a simple yet reliable ventilator that can be stockpiled by hospitals. Typically, hospitals maintain a sufficient numbers of ventilators. However, an increase in patients resulting from a pandemic could create a shortage of ventilators. Currently, the high cost of most ICU ventilators prevents hospitals from stockpiling these machines.

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