Alternative Energy Enterprise

Industry Partner:  Michigan Tech Keweenaw Research Center, Dow Corning, Ford Motor Company, 3M
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wenzhen Li and Jay Meldrum
Course Number:
 ENT1960 / 2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 23
Disciplines Needed: All welcome especially need CM, ME, EE, BA, STC

Look at energy in a new (solar) light with the Alternative Fuels Group (AFG) Enterprise. The group focuses on investigating and creating a variety of alternative energies—from solar vehicle propulsion and biodiesel-fueled street sweepers to methanol production from natural gas and more. You can build your résumé while working with high-profile sponsors and partners like US Army TACOM.

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Forestry and Environmental Resource Management (FERM)

Industry Partner:  Michigan Tech Keweenaw Research Center, United States Forest Service
Faculty Advisor: James C. Rivard
Course Number:
 ENT2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 25

For students seeking careers in forestry and ecology, the Forestry and Environmental Resource Management (FERM) Enterprise is an invaluable, one-of-a-kind opportunity. The residency-style program offers undergraduate students the chance to work and learn in the University’s own 5,500-acre research forest. Projects include trail expansions, timbersales, fish cribs, deer exclosures, habitat research for an endangered species of bird, and a variety of other real-world forest management opportunities.

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Green Campus

Faculty Advisor: Chris Wojick
Course Number:
 ENT1960 / 2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 30

Are you always thinking of ways to improve sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint? If so, the Green Campus Enterprise is the group for you. The team has one mission: to “green” Michigan Tech through a variety of initiatives. Currently, the group is researching the feasibility of installing a solar thermal panel and a wind turbine, measuring carbon emissions, and assessing energy consumption and waste-reduction strategies for computers. 

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Supermileage Systems

Industry Partners: 3M, Alcoa, ArcelorMittal, BAE Systems, CumminsDeere Foundation, DENSO North America, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Foundation, MAHLE Powertrain, Mathworks, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Oshkosh Corporation
Faculty Advisor: Rick Berkey
Course Number:
 ENT2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 13
Disciplines Needed: MEEM, EE, CPE, BA, STC, others are welcome.

The result: a super high-mileage vehicle built around a 3.5 HP Briggs & Stratton, 4-stroke single-cylinder engine. To handle the complex job of creating such a vehicle, it takes the work of the Supermileage Systems Enterprise (SSE). Working as a team, students design and develop components based on automotive systems, vehicle functionality, sound engineering, and more. At the end of each year’s project: the chance to compete against other universities for glory (and the gold).  

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