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As part of Michigan Tech’s signature Enterprise Program, AMS represents a consortium of four of the vehicle competition Enterprise teams – Blizzard Baja, Clean Snowmobile Challenge, Formula Car, and Supermileage Systems.  Each AMS team is an interdisciplinary organization of students whose goal is to develop a complete vehicle - - from concept, through prototyping and testing, and on to final build and ‘delivery’ at the respective competitions.  While each team operates as a separate Enterprise entity, the AMS umbrella enables our teams to leverage the diverse talent, economies of scale, and synergistic opportunities afforded to the group as a whole.  Ultimately, this hands-on learning environment allows AMS members to develop critical business, engineering, communication, and leadership skills for a successful transition into the workforce.

Industry involvement is critical to the success of AMS and the Enterprise program.  Today’s global challenges are clearly driving fundamental changes in transportation, and Michigan Tech’s AMS teams are hard at work developing solutions to these challenges.  Support of Michigan Tech’s four Advanced Motorsports Enterprise teams offers enhanced access to tomorrow’s engineers and leaders, increased visibility of sponsoring companies, and perhaps most importantly the opportunity to actively shape the future of engineering education.

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AMS Sponsors

Michigan Tech’s Advanced Motorsports Enterprise teams rely on the generous support of industry, alumni, and friends of the University.  AMS sponsorship has many benefits:

Enhanced access to more than 120 of tomorrow’s engineers and leaders in the vehicle / mobility industry

Increased visibility and exposure of your organization

The opportunity to utilize our AMS vehicles as a test bed for your products and technologies

An active role in shaping undergraduate education at Michigan Tech.

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