Meet the Needs of Real Clients, Head-On

If you are an enterprising undergraduate student, ready to take an active role in your education, then look no further than the Enterprise Program. Enterprise offers a unique, hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to client-based teamwork—making it an experience available exclusively at Michigan Tech.

Enterprise is Open to All Majors

Enterprise is open to students of all majors on campus. The program is designed to be cross-functional and inclusive in nature, allowing students from diverse backgrounds to contribute their specialized skills to the team. Areas of focus for Enterprise teams run the gamut—from communications to vehicle design and transportation. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a gaming guru, there’s bound to be a team for you—and if one doesn’t exist to fit your interests, you can start an Enterprise!

You Need an Enterprise Experience

Enterprise affords students a platform to showcase their abilities—and to practice hitting the ground running. We will support you in the development of an indispensable skill set sought out by leaders in business and industry. Many Enterprise teams compete at the national level, like the Aerospace Enterprise, which placed first in the University Nanosat 6 competition and will have their custom-made satellite launched into orbit by the Department of Defense.

The Enterprise Program at MTU provides students with the opportunity to really set themselves up for success in industry. As a product of the program myself, I can vouch for the value of the experience of working with experts and industry partners on real-world projects prior to graduation. These real engineering problems and projects expose students to a combination of research, planning, timelines and deadlines, professional communication, teamwork, design and test iterations, and technical presentation.  These are directly applicable to effective performance in industry. Now finding myself in a recruiting role, I see the competitive advantage Enterprise experience provides for students applying for jobs. During interviews, many students on Enterprise teams lean on those experiences to provide relevant examples of their experiences and accomplishments to answer the toughest of questions.  - Alex Thiel, Materials Engineer at Oshkosh Corporation