Aurora White

Aurora White

Hometown: Watersmeet, MI
Year: Sophomore
Program: Mechanical Engineering
Area of interest: Aerospace Engineering

On-Campus Involvement: American Indian Science and Engineering Society, Enterprise

Aurora Says . . .

Why did you choose Michigan Tech?
I came to Tech because it was close to home. I was also interested in aerospace engineering, so I thought that studying mechanical engineering would help prepare me to work in that field.

How would you describe your experience at Tech so far?
It’s been challenging and the workload is very time consuming, but it forces me to stay focused.

How would you describe your participation in CDI student organizations?
The American Indian Science and Engineering Society is a great way to stay connected to my culture, to meet new people, and to work together as a group.

What would you say to a prospective student who is thinking about coming to Tech?
Stay focused! But also get involved so you can meet people and have new experiences.