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Academic Support Services


The Excelling the Student Experience of Learning (ExSEL) Program is aimed at increasing student success and retention. ExSEL offers academic support through services including:

  • Frameworks for Success (UN1000),
  • peer mentoring,
  • study groups,
  • one-on-one staff support,
  • academic progress monitoring,
  • campus resource referrals,
  • campus and community involvement events, and
  • career and personal development seminars.

Learning Centers

Studies have shown that students who use the learning centers at Michigan Tech earn better grades. Some of the best students encounter academic problems because they’ve never had to study before. While high school may have been very easy, you may feel challenged in the new and more rigorous academic environment at Michigan Tech. Learning centers, organized by discipline, can help you succeed. Learning centers are available for:

  • Biological Sciences,
  • Business and Economics,
  • Chemistry,
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering,
  • Computer Science,
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering,
  • Engineering,
  • First-Year Engineering,
  • Forestry,
  • Mathematics,
  • Multiliteracies (writing, reading, and presentation),
  • Physics, and
  • Technology.

Students who have been successful in learning the material staff the centers. Most centers offer weekly appointments for long-term improvement, walk-in hours for short-term help with an immediate problem, and team learning with your peers.

If you feel as though you’re falling behind in class, or if you’d like to boost your grades, visit a learning center.