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Mission and Vision

Coordinated by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI), Women's Outreach at Michigan Technological University works to create an environment that encourages the academic, professional, and leadership development of enrolled undergraduate and graduate women. By providing a space for female students to build community, engage in dialogue, and collaborate on programs, Women's Outreach aims to raise awareness about the issues facing women, to celebrate their achievements, and to increase their retention and success. The staff at CDI provides information, resources, and services for women and supports the initiatives of women's student organizations on campus.

How to Fight Your Own Implicit Biases

It is very clear that the representation of women in computer science, as with most STEM fields, is much lower than that of men. This page for Women in Computer Science may be of interest; it covers: schools with the highest women computer science graduates, scholarships for women in STEM, and much more.