Programs for Faculty/Staff

Programs for Faculty, Staff, and Community Members

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion’s programming is designed first and foremost to benefit and retain students. Tech faculty and staff make use of these programs as important co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities. In addition to programs for students, we also offer programming for faculty and staff, both in terms of professional development opportunities for faculty and staff as well as diversity-related presentations for their classes.

Cultural Competency Training

The Cultural Competency Training model is used to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills of Michigan Tech students, staff, and faculty about issues including communication, discrimination, and conflict management.

Diversity Presentations

CDI offers five different diversity presentations to the campus community. Faculty, staff, and community members are invited to request one of our presentations—ranging in topic from cultural stereotypes to gender and sexuality.

Safe Place

The Safe Place program provides a visible network of faculty and staff allies who can serve as resources for GLBTQ students. Safe Place allies undergo training to familiarize themselves with campus resources, the coming out process, and issues facing GLBTQ students. After training, they display a sticker on their office door to let students know that they are ready to help.

Social Justice Lecture Series

Guest lecturers present topics that encourage critical thinking, provoke healthy debate, and challenge assumptions.