Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the "All-Gender Restroom" sign mean?

It means that anyone can use that restroom, regardless of sex assigned at birth, genitalia, gender identity, and gender expression.


Why are gender inclusive restrooms important?

Many people are concerned with safety when it comes to gender inclusive restrooms. The reality is, that transgender and gender non-binary individuals are the ones who often face harassment, discrimination, and sometimes even violence, when they are seen as a threat to those who do not respect or understand their gender identity. Cisgender (non-transgender) individuals can use public spaces like restrooms without thinking about whether or not they will be safe or free from gender policing. Transgender and gender non-binary individuals on the other hand, sometimes choose to avoid going to the bathroom all day until they are in the safety and comfort of their home or other non-public venue, where they know they will not be physically or verbally accosted.

There are NO instances of transgender people harassing cisgender people in restrooms, and a Media Matters 2015 report found no instances of inappropriate behavior or harassment in 17 of the country’s largest school districts in which students are allowed to use changing/locker rooms and bathroom facilities that correspond to their gender identity.

It is illegal to harass anyone in a restroom, and bills or laws that propose criminal or financial penalties to transgender individuals for using the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity are irrelevant and prejudicial.


Who can use gender inclusive restrooms?

Gender-inclusive restrooms are for everyone, and can be especially useful for:

  • People with disabilities or those who have personal care attendants whose gender identity differs from one another
  • Individuals with children of a different gender who would otherwise have to split up or face misunderstanding when trying to access a restroom
  • People who would otherwise have to wait in a line for a gender-specific restroom


Why do some of the restrooms on the map have a sign on them that specifies a gender?

The effort to designate gender inclusive restrooms on campus is an ongoing project. The map lists all single-stall restrooms that lock, so whether the sign designates, “Women” “Men” “Unisex” or “All-Gender”, anyone can use that restroom. However, we recognize that for some, it may not feel safe and/or affirming to use a restroom that is gendered. The “All-Gender Restroom” signs have been installed and will continue to be installed in an effort to increase campus safety and inclusiveness for all students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors.