Kellie Raffaelli


Director, Center for Diversity and Inclusion


Hi! My name is Kellie Raffaelli (it rhymes) and I am the Director of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI). I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. After studying cultural anthropology and education, I’ve found the perfect home at CDI.

I’m married to Richie, a local Yooper, and we have two beautiful daughters, Fiona and Lilyanna; we also have a golden retriever named Charlie and a lab named Luna. I come from a very large, loud, talkative, and loving family who all still live in New York City. I love to travel and be outdoors. My family and I love camping, hiking, and kayaking. Before settling in the UP, my husband and I lived in Utah, New Mexico, Oregon, and Colorado.

As the director I manage the day-to-day of the Center. I collaborate and/or assist academic and non-academic departments with the retention of underrepresented students, I provide leadership and guidance to student organizations, develop and present diversity and cultural competency training and assessment materials,  evaluate the programs and services at the Center, and  work with a variety of students providing academic support and outreach. I manage the MiCUP/MI-LSAMP program, a 7 week residential research program for students from Delta College, Grand Rapids Community College and Wayne County Community College District in lower Michigan. I am also the advisor for the National Society of Black Engineers (NBSE).

I am dedicated and deeply invested in seeing students succeed, not only academically and professionally but also as human beings. I love to encourage students to try new things, to set the bar high, and to celebrate all of their accomplishments. If you’re looking for a cheerleader, I’m your woman!