Shezwae Fleming

Shezwae Fleming


Director, Center for Diversity and Inclusion


My name is Shezwae Fleming (says-wuh), or simply “Sezi,” and I serve as the director for the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) at Michigan Tech. In total, I have worked in education for more than 15 years. I wholeheartedly believe that college campuses provide a wonderful atmosphere for students and college communities to participate in dialogues that challenge people to ask tough questions, think differently, and explore opportunities to connect and innovate. I love this field of work and can’t imagine doing anything else!

I was born and raised in Detroit, Mich., and received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Iowa. (Go Hawks!) I love reading, listening to music (jazz and gospel), watching horror and sci-fi films, and traveling.

I invite you to stop by CDI and say “hello,” as I am always eager to meet new students and hear how I can assist them with making their dreams a reality.

As the director of CDI, I have the privilege of ensuring that our mission and vision is aligned with the University's strategic plan for diversity, including continual monitoring, regular assessment, and evaluation of both the campus environment and CDI’s programs and services. My specific duties include but are not limited to:

  • Managing the day-to-day activities and operation of CDI.
  • Collaborating with and assisting academic and non-academic departments with the recruitment and retention of underrepresented students.
  • Hiring, training, and evaluating CDI staff.
  • Providing leadership and guidance to student organizations.
  • Evaluating the programs and services of CDI.
  • Partnering with external agencies to connect underserved groups to innovative opportunities.
  • Developing and presenting diversity and cultural competency training and assessment materials.
  • Collecting, tracking, analyzing and sharing data as they relate to diversity initiatives and soliciting input and suggestions for improvement.
  • Serving on the Student Life Leadership Team, Student Affairs and university committees and teams.