Chapter 4

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Effective Date: 09/01/2010

4.1 Loyalty Oath

University employees are required to sign a loyalty oath:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the constitution of the United States of America and the constitution of the State of Michigan; and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of my position according to the best of my ability.

  08/08/75 Administratively
  07/15/2010 Was previously Policy 3.15. Renumbered only.



Effective Date: 04/29/2011

4.2 Compensation

No University employee may establish compensation for any other University employee or consultant without the approval of the person or persons to whom the employee establishing the compensation reports. In the case of the President of the University, the Board shall be informed of any changes in compensation for any person in the echelon below the President.

  07/15/2010 Was previously Policy 2.8. Renumbered only.
  04/29/2011 Inform Board of changes in compensation.



Effective Date: 09/01/2010

4.3 Employment Policy for Professional Staff - Satisfaction or at Will

All employees of the University who complete a probationary period and who agree to arbitrate any claims over the termination of their employment shall be "satisfaction employees," unless they are employed pursuant to a written contract, collective bargaining agreement, or the University tenure policy, or unless they are excepted as follows: Temporary employees, student employees, upper administrators and probationary employees. Temporary employees, student employees, upper administrators, probationary employees, and those who do not agree to arbitrate termination claims shall be "at-will" employees.

Probationary Period

All new regular employees of Michigan Technological University who are not employed pursuant to a written contract, collective bargaining agreement, or the University tenure policy, shall serve a probationary period of nine (9) months. During the probationary period, employees shall be considered to be "at-will employees" and not eligible for alternative dispute resolution procedures.


The termination of satisfaction employees for lack of satisfactory performance after their probationary period shall follow University procedures established by the Vice President for Administration. The University reserves the right to end any program or service, which may include the necessity of laying off employees for appropriate business and economic reasons. The rights of affected laid off employees are to be covered by the University procedures on layoffs.

  08/03/2000 Changed Executive Vice President and Provost title to Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
  07/15/2010 Was previously Policy 3.5. Renumbered, corrected position titles, and provides that Vice President for Administration rather than Board of Trustees establish any new staff - related procedures and modify existing procedures.



Effective Date: 09/01/2010

4.4 Supervision of Relatives

Supervisors of employees should not initiate or participate in University decisions involving a direct benefit (initial appointment, retention, promotion, salary, leave of absence, etc.) to a member of their immediate family.

For purposes of this policy, a supervisor's immediate family shall include spouse, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, parents or any person residing in the supervisor's household.

The Vice President for Administration will develop and promulgate regulations and procedures to be used in the administration of this policy.

  04/21/72 Rescinded
  12/07/73 Supersedes
  09/18/92 Changed responsibility to Executive Vice President and Provost
  08/03/2000 Changed Executive Vice President and Provost title to Provost and Senior President for Academic and Student Affairs
  07/15/2010 Was previously Policy 3.8. Renumbered, changed immediate family to include person residing in same household, changed responsibility for procedures to Vice President for Administration.



Effective Date: 09/01/2010

4.5 Political Candidacy

As citizens, employees of Michigan Technological University have the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities of free speech, thought, and action as all other American citizens. Their position, however, imposes special obligations, such as emphasizing that they are not institutional spokesmen and exercising appropriate restraint.

Obviously, employees have a binding obligation to discharge instructional and other regular University duties; and performance of these duties may be impaired by any private activity requiring a large portion of their time. For the mutual protection of the employee and the University, employees who become candidates for elective state and federal offices shall be required to obtain a leave of absence for the period of such candidacy. If elected, employees will be required to resign their position with the University before taking office. Employees may not hold University appointments, even if on leave, while holding elective state and federal offices. Determination of the period of such candidacy and of the time of the required leave of absence shall rest with the President of the University.

Employees who become candidates for elective or appointed non-state or non-federal offices of a temporary or part-time nature, such as a municipal charter revision commission, a local school board, or a county or municipal board or council, or employees who serve in such offices will not be required to obtain a leave of absence provided suitable and mutually satisfactory arrangements are made with appropriate administrative officers for performance of the employee's regular duties.

This policy is intended to safeguard freedom of speech, thought, and action of Michigan Technological University personnel, and to avoid impairment of the significant contributions they are capable of making toward improved local, state, and federal government.

  07/15/2010 Was previously Policy 3.9. Renumbered and deleted State Board of Education and added appointed positions in addition to elected.