Past Theses

Past Theses

Our graduate students are hard at work, making countless advances in the biological sciences. We have some of the brightest, most motivated students in such realms as biological sciences, biochemistry, and molecular biology. See what our MS and PhD students have been researching.

Past PhD Theses

The following is a list of PhD theses written by our past doctoral students in the Department of Biological Sciences at Michigan Technological University. Each entry indicates the doctoral student, year of thesis completion, title of thesis, and advisor.

Recent Theses

Pidatala, Venkataramana R. 2015. Understand Lead Stress in Vetiver Grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides L. Nash). (Datta)

Coble, Ashley Ann. 2015. Biogeochemical Cycling in Lake Superior Tributaries: Seasonality, Quantity and Quality of Export. (Marcarelli)

Groves, Stephanie L. 2013. Ethanol production from hardboard manufacturing process wastewater: Methods for improving product yields from hemicellulose hydrolysates. (Bagley)

Sripatha, Srinivasa R. 2013. Biochemical and cellular mechanisms of retina and retinal pigment epithelium apoptosis. (Wusirika)

Yousef, Foad. 2013. Application of remote sensing in aquatic ecosystems. (Kerfoot)

Yang, Huan. 2013. Influence of 24-hour sleep deprivation on cardiovascular and neural control at rest and during acute stress in humans. (Carter)

Dhadi, Surendar R. 2012. Functional Analysis of Rice Bidirectional Promoters. (Wusirika)

Harless, Meagan L. 2012. Effects of chemical deicers on amphibian communities. (Huckins and T. Pypker)

Li, Kefeng. 2012. Isolation of plant growth promoting bacteria from Torch Lake sediments and their role in phytoremediation of metal contaminated soil. (Wusirika) 

Schwartz, Christopher E. 2011. Omega-3 fatty acids and the neurovascular responses to mental stress in humans. (Carter)

Kiemle, Sarah N. 2010. The extracellular matrix of the Charophycean Green Algae. (Gretz)

Saha, Ratul. 2010. UV Disinfection of Metalworking Fluids: Analysis Using Molecular Tools (Bagley)

Winder, Eric Michael. 2010. "Bacteriorhodopsin Protein Hybrids for Chemical and Biological Sensing" (Adler)

Donofrio, Robert S. 2009. Development and Validation of Selective and Differential Enumeration Methods For Brevundimonas diminuta. Biological Sciences (Bagley)

Krom, N.D. 2009. Arrangement of gene pairs, retrotransposon insertions, and regulation of gene expression in plants. (Wusirikia)

Lawrence, Johnathan E. 2009. Effects of Endogenous Female Gonadal Hormones on the Vestibulosympathetic Reflex in Humans. Biological Sciences (Carter)

Xu, Zijun. 2009. "Gene Regulation and Evolution Mediated by Retrotransposons Associated with Rice Genes. Biological Sciences. (Wusirikia)

Burgess, Andrew F. 2008. Macroinvertebrate communiites, organic matter, and physical habitat conditions across headwater streams of the Otter River in Michigan's Upper Peninsula; Biological Sciences (Huckins)

Durocher, John J. 2008. Aerobic Fitness and Lactate Metabolism in Collegiate Hockey Players. Biological Sciences (Carter)

Neher, Tracy M. 2008. Pseudomonas fluorescens OmpW: Plasmid Localization and Requirement for Napthalene Uptake. Biological Sciences (Lueking)

Theses Archives

Abdullahi, Abass Sheikh. 2006. Extracellular Matrix Polymers of Diatoms: Biochemical Analysis and Gene Expression Studies under Changing Environmental Conditions. Biological Sciences (Gretz)

Apoya-Horton, Melba D. 2006. Motility of The Mudflat Diatom Cylindrotheca Closterium (Bacillariopnyceae): Behavior, Physiology and Ecology. Biological Sciences (Gretz)

Bellinger, Brent J. 2006. The Ecological Significance of Diatom Polymers in Estuarine Mudflat Biofilms. Biological Sciences (Gretz)

Oyadomari, Jason K. 2005. Ecology of Larval Fishes and Large Zooplankton in the Keweenaw Current Region of Lake Superior, with Special Focus on Lake Herring, Coregonus Artedi. Biological Sciences (Auer)

Song, Pengfei. 2005. Pyrene Metabolism in Cells of Pseudomonas putida Strain KBM-1. Biological Sciences (Lueking)

Kovalenko, Olga A. 2004. Cardiovascular function in young eumenorrheic women in the low-estrogen and the high-estrogen phases of the menstral cycle during progressive lower body negative pressure. (Cooke)

Alghamdi, Abdullah A. 2003. The Effect of Inorganic and Organic Nitrogen Sources and Their Combination on Growth and Metabolism of Vesicularia dubyana. Biological Sciences (Glime)

Barbier, Guillaume G. 2003. Engineering of a Simplified Nitrate Reductase and Study of the Dynamic Catalysis of Nitrate Reductase and Its catalytic Fragments. Biological Sciences (Lueking)

Carter, Jason R. 2003. Interactive effects of mental stress and vestibular activation on neural and vascular control in humans. (Cooke)

Vishwanathan, Sundaram A. 2003. Recovery and Chemotaxonomic Characterization of Solvent-Degrading Thermophiles. Biological Sciences (Bagley)

Balasubramanian, Sujata. 2002. Fungal Metabolism in the Early Stages of the Laccaria BicolorPinus Resinosa Ectomycorrhizal Symbiosis. Biological Sciences (Podila)

Tabthiang, Jaruwan. 2002. Multivariate Analysis of Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Emissions. Biological Sciences (Bagley)

Dhamwichukorn, Srisuda. 2001. Biodegradation of Methanol and a-Pinene Using Thermophilic Bacteria and its Application in Thermophilic Biofilteration Systems. Biological Sciences (Bagley)

Sundaram, Sathish. 2001. Cloning and Characterization of Signal Transduction-Related Genes Regulated During Laccaria bicolor-Pinus resinosa Ectomycorrhizal Symbiotic Interactions. Biological Sciences (Podila)

Past MS Theses

The following is a list of MS theses written by our past masters students in the Department of Biological Sciences at Michigan Technological University. Each entry indicates the masters student, year of thesis completion, title of thesis, and advisor.

Recent Theses

Olach, Jeremy G. 2015. Translocation and Telemetry Tracking of Lake Sturgeon in the Menominee River, MI/WI. (Auer)

Qiao, Mengmeng. 2015. Functional Studies of Highly Expressed MicroRNAs in Arabidopsis Thaliana by Applying STTM Strategy. (Tang)

Chen, Li. 2015. MicroRNAs and the Development of Colorectal Cancer. (Tang)

Olson, James C. 2014. Investigating the Impacts of Streambed Habitat Heterogeneity on Ecosystem Structure and Processes using Basic and Applied Perspectives. (Marcarelli)

Mckenney, Erin Leigh. 2014. Exploring Changes in Detrital Flocculent Layer Dynamics Due to Shifts in Macrophyte Communities in the Northern Everglades. (Gretz)

Danhoff, Brian M. 2014. Big Manistee River Tributaries as Potential Arctic Grayling Habitat. (Huckins)

Bouckaert, Emily K. 2013. Verifying success of artificial reefs in the Huron-Erie corridor for lake sturgeon. (Auer)

Corcoran, Miles J. 2013. Factors affecting diporeia growth rates in Lake Superior. (Auer)

Doskey, Claire. 2012. Phytoremediation of Hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5- triazine (RDX) with Chrysopogon zizanioides. (Datta and Wusirika)

Ebel, Jonathan. 2012. Biofilm responses to salmon carcass analog addition in central Idaho streams. (Marcarelli)

Larson, Robert A. 2012. Sleep deprivation and pain intensity. (Carter)

Leduc, Jaime F. 2012. Predator-prey: Interactions between the spiny waterflea (Bythotrephes longimanus) and pumpkinseed sunfish (Lepomis gibbosus). (Kerfoot)

Stream, Sarah F. 2012. Acute alcohol ingestion and sympathetic neural responses during ortostatic stress in humans. (Carter)

Vogel, Kara. 2012. Inhibition of L-Type Amino Acid Transport with Non-Physiological Amino Acids in the Pah(enu2) Mouse Model of Phenylketonuria. (Gibson)

Forgette, Kyle. 2011. "Relationships between Instream Habitat Characteristics, Emergent Arthropods, and Riparian Bird Communities" (Huckins)

Haak, Danielle M. 2011. Impact of copper mine tailings (stamp sand) on survival and early development of aquatic organisms near Gay, Michigan (N.Auer)

Witting, Jennifer L. 2011. The effects of fixed night shift work on 24 hour blood pressure regulation, state anxiety levels and total sleep time. (Carter)

Kumar, Deepak. 2010. Comparative analysis of electronic and experimental polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for inter simple sequence repeat polymorphism (ISSR) in grass genomes (Wusirikia)

Groves, Stephanie L. 2009. Optimization of ethanol production by yeasts from Lignocellulosic feedstocks. (Bagley)

Hribljan, John. 2009. Bryophagy in a Northern Temperate Forest by the Terrestrial Invertebrate Porcellio scaber in Relation to Moss and Litter Chemical Traits. (Glime)

Lucas, Angela K. 2009. Effects of Pediatric Adiposity on Heart Rate Variability. (Carter)

Paladino, Louis Paul-Anthony. 2009. Screening, Optimization and Extraction of Polyhydroxyalkanoates and Peptidoglycan from Bacillus megaterium. (Bagley)

Dusold, Danielle A. 2008. Bioremediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons By The Organisms Of The Genus Pseudomonas.  (Lueking)

Lazzari, Michael A. 2008. Developing A Standard Protocol For The Introduction of New Testing Into A Clinical Laboratory. Bio. Scis. Clinical Lab Management (Fay)

Mann, Kevin A. 2008. Life History of Reared and Wild Juvenile Lake Sturgeon, Big Manistee River, Michigan. (N. Auer)

Nitz, Kristopher K. 2008. Environmental factors related to adfluvial migration by coaster brook trout in the Salmon Trout River in Northern Michigan. (Huckins)

Packalen, Maara S. 2008. Microbial Hydrolithic Activity in Northern Ontario Peatland Stream Sediments with Varying Organic Matter Concentration. (Bagley)

Wilson, Timothy J. 2008. Understanding optimal conditions for hatch and growth of young lake sturgeon. (N. Auer)

Theses Archives

Dahlstrom, Leah S. 2007. Activity assessment and predator conditioning in young-of-the-year lake sturgeon. (N.Auer)

Wee, James Y. 2006. Napthalene Assimilation By Pseudomonas fluorescens, Strain. UPER-1. (Lueking)

Yarger, Daryll K. 2006. Caracterixation of Thermophilic Methanol-Utilizing Bacteria Recovered From an Industrial Compost Heap. (Bagley)

Blankenheim, Joshua E. 2005. Relationships Between Stream Characteristics and Juvenile Salmonid Community Composition in Six Northern Michigan Streams. (Huckins)

Jarvie, Michelle M. 2005. Relationship Between Dorsal Color and Daytime Foraging Dispersal in the Northern Leopard Frog (Rana Pipiens) in Houghton County, Michigan. (Kerfoot)

Kramer, Darren R. 2005. Seasonal Migrations and Biology of Brook trout in the Salmon Trout River, Marquette County, MI. (Huckins)

Tenney, Patience. 2005. Identification of Molecular Markers Tightly Linked to the Periconia circinata (Pc) Gene in Sorghum bicolor. (Wusirikia)

Abdullahi, Abass S. 2004. Extracellular Matrix Biogenesis in Diatoms and Other Model Organism. (Gretz)

Betcher, Lori A. 2004. Assessment of Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) Populations in the Sturgeon River, Baraga County, Michigan using Instream Hydroacoustic Technology. (N. Auer)

Chiotti, Justin A. 2004. Evaluation of Spawning Habitat, Juvenile Habitat, and Larval Drift of Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) in The Big Manistee River, Michigan. (N. Auer)

Colquhoun, David R. 2004. Characterization of Three Moderately Thermophilic, Pigment-Producing Facultative Methylotrophs. (Bagley)

Song, Pengfei. 2004. Production of Preparative Quantities of the Engineered Arabidopsis Nitrate Reductase (HT-AtNR2) in The Methylotrophic Yeast Pichia pastoris. (Campbell)

Carlson, Andrew J. 2003. Dispersion of Stocked Brook Trout Between Lake Superior Tributaries. (Huckins)

Fillmore, Kyra L. 2003. Habitat selection and movement of stocked juvenile lake sturgeon Acipenser fulvenscens and benthic invertebrate distribution in the lower Ontonagon River, MI. (N.Auer)

Kadmiel, Mahita. 2003. Molecular Epidemiological Analyses of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Using Pulsed Field Gel Eletrophoresis (PFGE) and Repetitive Extragenic Palindromic – Polumerase Chain Reaction (REP-PCR). (Sottile)

Nagaraj, Smitha. 2003. Refinement of the Salmonella/Microsome Microsuspension Assay to Apply tester Strains TA102, YG1021, YG1024 For Mutagenicity Testing of Diesel Emissions. (Bagley)

Pellegrini, Guy L. 2003. Circuit Weight Training Decreases Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity and Arterial Blood Pressure in Young Adults. (Cooke)

Thompson, Kristin M. 2003. Factors Affecting Depredation of Artificial Sharp-Tailed Grouse (Tympanuchus phasianellus) Nests in Chippewa County, Michigan. (N. Auer)

Brand, Joshua R. 2002. Cloning and Analysis of cDNAs Expressed During Interaction of Laccaria bicolor with Red Pine. (Podila)

Compton, Justin A. 2002. Warm-Water And Small Size-Class fish (Lepomis, Notropis): Consuming the Spiny Cladoceran: Bythotrephes ederstroemi. (Kerfoot)

Hymes, Matthew J. 2002. Expression Profiling of an Ectomycorrhizal Fungus, Laccaria bicolor, Under Starvation Conditions During Pre-Infection. (Podila)

Kahn, Jason E. 2002. The Abundance and Distribution of Benthic Invertebrates Along the Keweenaw Peninsula, Lake Superior. (N. Auer)

Shankar, Anupama. 2002. Expression Analysis of a Mads-Box Gene, PTM3, From Populus Tremuloides. (Podila)

Deopke, Philip D. 2001. Evaluation of Potential Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Habitat in Streams on the West Slope of the Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming. (Auer)

Holtgren, J. Marty. 2001. Movement, habitat utilization, and diel activity of juvenile lake sturgeon Acipenser fulvenscens in Portage Lake and the Sturgeon River, MI. (N.Auer)

Le Claire, Elin L. 2001. Methods For Using Fontinalis antipyretica Var. gigantean As a Bioassay Organism. (Glime)

Mensch, Harold E. 2001. Dispersal and Distribution of Icthyoplankton within Eagle River, Michigan and Adjacent coastal Waters of Lake Superior. (Auer)

Nieschulz, Sarah. 2001. Analysis of Phytoecdysteroid Synthesis and Distribution in Spinacia oleracea, Chenopodium album, and Pteridium aquilinum. (Adler)

Vandusen, Peter J. 2001. Temporal Patterns in Brook Char (Salvelinus fontalis) and Macroinvertebrate Communities following Selective Logging. (Huckins)